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Tag: safety

Tesla Says No ‘Unintended Acceleration’ In Vehicles
Following a petition to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to recall Tesla vehicles for “unintended acceleration,” Tesla h...
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Harman CEO Sees Critical Need For 5G Standards And Vehicle Automation
In an interview with CNBC Harman International Industries CEO Dinesh Paliwal discussed the importance of 5G standards, as well as vehicle automation. ...
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Scientists Warn 5G May Pose Serious Health Risks
There have been several attempts to reassure the public that 5G is safe, with Australian telcos and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) weighi...
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FCC Votes Against Changing Cell Phone Safety Rules; No Evidence of 5G Health Risks
With all four of the major U.S. carriers rolling out some form of 5G, there have been widespread concerns about potential health risks, especially reg...
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Twitter Has a New Hub for Helping People Deal with Abuse and Harassment
Twitter continues to work to deal with the rampant abuse and harassment on the site – and it’s an uphill battle. This sort of behavior has alw...
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Uber Is Letting Some Drivers Take New Rides During Current Rides
Uber is reportedly testing a new feature in San Diego that allows its drivers to accept new ride requests before they’ve even finished their cur...
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Uber Sued for $2M over Teen’s Sexual Assault
Uber is facing yet another lawsuit after one of its drivers assaulted a passenger. The mother of a 13-year-old Virginia girl is suing the ridesharing ...
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Twitter Makes It Easier to Block a Bunch of Users at the Same Time
Twitter has just made another move in its uphill battle to curb abuse on the site. The social network is now making it easier to block a whole swath o...
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Can Twitter Curb Abuse or Is It Just Too Easy to Be a Troll?
Though many social networks, forums, and websites struggle with how to deal with abuse and harassment, Twitter is usually the first one mentioned when...
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Uber’s SOS Button Now Sends GPS Info to Police in India
In December of 2014, an Uber driver in India was arrested after a female passenger accused him of rape. Uber, already on he defensive over allegations...
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Twitter Deploys New Algorithm to Fight Abuse
Twitter has a known and admitted problem with abusive content – one that truly embodies the phrase “no silver bullet.” How do you stop p...
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Uber Driver Accused of Rape Spent 14 Years in Prison
A Houston Uber driver accused a raping a passenger has a criminal record, and had just been released from prison three years ago, according to reports...
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Uber Steals Facebook’s Chief Security Officer
Uber’s just put a likely considerable amount of money where its mouth is, in regards to its promise to beef up the app’s safety and securi...
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Uber Driver Tried to Rob Woman’s House After Dropping Her Off at the Airport
Tried is the operative word here, as our cunning Uber driver forgot that people oftentimes have roommates. Fifty one-year-old Gerald Montgomery was ar...
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Twitter Makes Reporting Threats to Police a Little Easier
It’s not a giant new feature or anything, but Twitter has taken yet another in a long line of recent steps to deal with abuse and harassment on ...
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Facebook Steps Up Its Suicide Prevention Efforts
Since 2011, Facebook has had a system in place for reporting suicidal content. Of course, Facebook’s advice if you encounter a direct threat on ...
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Uber Sued by Woman Who Accused Driver of Rape in Delhi
In December, an Uber driver in India was arrested after a female passenger accused him of rape. Now, that passenger is suing Uber – in a US federal ...
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Yelp Wants To Save Lives With Its API
Yelp announced that it’s lending its API to the U.S. Department of Transporattion to use in its SaferRide app. The goal is to keep people from d...
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Uber Swears It’s Going to Make the Service Safer
Uber promises it’s going to get safer. The last few months have been filled with high-profile stories involving bad Uber drivers with malicious ...
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Google Still Working On Kid Versions Of Its Products
Earlier this year news came out that Google was looking at catering to a whole new market – kids under thirteen years old. The Wall Street Journal r...
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