Uber Driver Tried to Rob Woman's House After Dropping Her Off at the Airport

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Tried is the operative word here, as our cunning Uber driver forgot that people oftentimes have roommates.

Fifty one-year-old Gerald Montgomery was arrested on Tuesday and is facing attempted burglary charges after police say he picked up a women, drove her to the airport, and immediately drove back to her home and attempted to rob the place.

Unfortunately for Montgomery, his fare had a roommate – who caught him breaking in the back door. He fled.

The roommate identified the burglar as Montgomery after she saw his photo on the Uber receipt.

"Uber takes rider safety very seriously and upon learning about this incident, we reached out the rider. We immediately removed the driver's access to the Uber platform, pending an investigation. We continue to be in contact with the rider and will assist the authorities in whatever way we can."

Another day, another story of Uber driver malfeasance. As we told you last week, Uber has been putting a lot of focus on passenger safety following a year of high-profile incidents – many of which were very violent in nature. Last week, Uber posted an update on what it's doing to make the service safer. This included the establishment of a safety advisory board, a new quality assurance program, and incident response teams. Uber also touted that all rides were tracked by GPS and that its criminal background checks were among the most comprehensive in the business.

Of course, Mr. Montgomery didn't have a criminal history in Colorado, reports 9News Denver. Which leads us back to the same question we've been asking for months. Uber says its committed to making the service safer, but is it capable?

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