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Tag: Right To Be Forgotten

France Wants To Impose Its Laws On Google Worldwide
Google is fighting a ruling in France that requires Google to not just honor search removal requests from users in France, but to also censor those re...
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Google Provides ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Update
Google shared some new numbers related to the “right to be forgotten,” ruling, which has led to individuals requesting URL removals from search re...
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Google ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Appeal Shut Down
In June, French regulators ordered Google to extend its “Right to be Forgotten” search engine delistings to its sites around the world rat...
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Will Google Have To Censor Search Results On A Global Basis?
Google may end up having to censor its search results around the world, including on, just as it has been forced to do with certain Europea...
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Should Europe’s Search Law Apply To The World?
Late last year, EU regulators in Brussels said they wanted the controversial “Right to be Forgotten” ruling applied to search results on a...
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Is The Right To Be Forgotten Dangerous?
Google has released its latest Transparency Report, which as of earlier this year, now looks at URL removal requests from the highly-publicized Right ...
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‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Dangerous, According To Web’s Inventor
A lot of people (especially those not trying to hide information about themselves) agree that the Right to Be Forgotten in Europe is problematic for a...
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Google Has Some Right To Be Forgotten Guidelines To Work With
As we here in the U.S. were entering holiday mode last week, official “Right to Be Forgotten” guidelines made their way to the public over...
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Regulators Want ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Extended To
As reported last week, a French court ordered Google to pay fines of €1,000 unless links to a “defamatory” article are removed from its global n...
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Google Agrees To Remove Defaming Links In UK
Google has settled a defamation suit in the UK, which was filed in response to content Google simply indexed in its search results. The settlement is ...
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‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Going Global?
Links removed from Google’s European search engines may end up having to be removed from Google’s other search engines. As you may know, G...
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Google Gives New ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Stats
Google shared some new numbers related to the “right to be forgotten,” ruling, which has led to individuals requesting URL removals from s...
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Google Opens Up Registration For ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Events
Google has opened up registration for its first public consultations regarding the “right to be forgotten” law in Europe. The company prev...
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Telegraph, Like Wikipedia, Keeps List Of Articles ‘Forgotten’ By Google
The “right to be forgotten” mess continues to get even messier. At least one newspaper is actually removing articles that have been remove...
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Wikipedia Shows Content Google ‘Forgets’
It was recently reported that Google is removing links to Wikipedia articles from search results in Europe thanks to the new “right to be forgot...
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Wikipedia Articles Not Exempt From ‘Right To Be Forgotten’
Okay, if this thing wasn’t already getting out of hand (it was), it certainly is now. A Wikipedia link is reportedly being removed from Google s...
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Google On Complexity Of ‘Right To Be Forgotten’
As previously reported, Google (as well as Microsoft and Yahoo) attended a meeting last week with EU regulators to discuss the “right to be forg...
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Google Announces ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Tour 2014
Google has released a schedule for presentations from “experts” on the “right to be forgotten,” which will take place througho...
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Google Reportedly Reveals ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Stats
EU regulators had that meeting with the search engines about the “right to be forgotten” ordeal on Thursday, and Google did indeed partici...
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Bing Joins The ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Party
Google has had its “right to be forgotten” request form up and running since late May. Bing has now finally followed suit with its version...
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