Telegraph, Like Wikipedia, Keeps List Of Articles 'Forgotten' By Google

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The "right to be forgotten" mess continues to get even messier. At least one newspaper is actually removing articles that have been removed from Google because of the law, from its own site, while also writing articles about removing such articles.

So here's an example of not only why the law is inherently flawed, but also of how much time it's wasting on pretty much everybody's part.

The Daily Telegraph, as described by Danny Sullivan at Marketing Land, has been on a "campaign to document all its stories that have been removed" as a result of the law. The Telegraph's Mattthew Sparkes even tweeted about how he's spending his time (which would no doubt be better used reporting actual news).

The list referenced in that last tweet contains eight bullet points about articles and images removed.

Similarly, Wikipedia is keeping a running tab of stories that have been removed by Google.

In other words, people requesting articles be removed only seem to be drawing more attention to the fact that they've done so, which seems to defeat the entire purpose. Shocking, right?

For more background on the "right to be forgotten" and Google's role, peruse our coverage here.

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