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Tag: reputation management

How to Manage Your Reputation With AI
Buying online in recent times has become an easy and quick way to get nearly anything you want, but lots of products aren’t as good as advertised. S...
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Google’s Twitter Deal May Impact Your Reputation
Last month, we learned that Google and Twitter have struck a new deal to put real-time tweets back into Google’s search index after going withou...
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Revleap: Yelp’s Allegations Completely False, Unsubstantiated
Last week, Yelp said it was “taking a stand against misleading ‘reputation management’ companies,” as it filed a lawsuit again...
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Yelp ‘Takes A Stand To Protect Business Owners’
Yelp filed a lawsuit against a company called Revleap, which it says is a scam, and puts small businesses at risk because of the Yelp Consumer Alert p...
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Brands Get Way To See When They Appear On Tumblr
Ditto Labs announced on Tuesday that it has formed a firehose partnership with Tumblr, which will enable brands to find their logos and products withi...
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What Does Jelly Mean For Businesses?
As you may know, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone launched a new app called Jelly this week after about a year in stealth mode. It’s billed as ̶...
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Google’s ‘Mugshot’ Update Misses New York Times’ First Example
Google pushed out a new algorithm update late last week (in addition to Penguin) aimed at penalizing sites that profit from public mugshots by making ...
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Google Launches Update To Demote Shady Mugshot Sites
As previously reported, Google announced the launch of Penguin 2.0 on Friday, but that’s not the only algorithmic change the search giant has re...
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Google: We Don’t Have The Resources To Investigate Page Removal Requests
Google’s Matt Cutts put out a new Webmaster Help video. It’s one of those where he answers his own question (as opposed to a user-submitte...
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Bitly’s Take On Social Search
Social search is an interesting animal, mostly because there are so many different approaches. There’s realtime search, like we’ve seen fr...
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Violated Online – Rebuilding Your Reputation
While a trustworthy reputation could take years to build, it could be destroyed in a matter of minutes. At first, this seems ironic, but when you thin...
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Groupon Deals Could Hurt the Reputation of Your Business
The type of headline we ran here probably isn’t exactly the kind of thing Groupon wants to see circulating throughout the Blogosphere these days...
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Ripoff Report Strikes Back: Removes Code on Site Left by Hacker
The Ripoff Report has struck back against the so-called reputation management companies that claim to be able to remove posts about companies on the R...
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Google Launches “Me on the Web”
Google has released a new feature called “Me on the Web.” It’s a reputation management tool accessible from the Google Dashboard, un...
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How Burson Marsteller Can Emerge From Its Facebook PR Fiasco
The “dirty tricks” kerfuffle surrounding Facebook and Burson Marsteller that erupted a few days ago surely couldn’t get worse for the be...
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GoDaddy Elephant Killing Leads to Competitor Raising $20K to Save Elephants
GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons recently took a vacation in Africa, where he hunted an elephant, posted video of the killing and slaughter of the elephant, an...
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In PR, There’s No Such Thing As A One-Day Story
Yesterday, I wrote about how NBC has handled Keit...
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Remember Who Can Read Your Tweets
What kind of an image are you creating for prospective clients, who check out your social media updates? I ...
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Social Signals You Should Be Monitoring
Listening is not hard these days.  There are now over 200 tools that can help you gather the conversations. The next step is not so si...
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Brand Monitoring: Look at Brands That Are Doing it Right
Listening. It’s a mantra we’ve heard PR, marketing and social media consultants preach to brands for the last two years. But, how many ...
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