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Tag: President Joe Biden

US Has No National Cyber Director and the White House Is Silent About It
The US has yet to fill the role of National Cyber Director in the four months since Chris Inglis resigned, and it's worrying some lawmakers....
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FDA Finalizes Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Rule
The US Food and Drug Administration has finalized a new rule that makes over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids available....
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White House to Tech CEOs: Make AI Safe Or Else
The White House has made it clear that tech executives must develop AI safely or risk further regulation....
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Biden: ‘Tech Companies Have a Responsibility’ to Make AI Safe
President Joe Biden has weighed in on artificial intelligence developments, putting the responsibility on companies to keep people safe....
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President Biden Tackles EU-US Data Privacy Concerns
President Joe Biden issued an executive order to address EU-US data privacy regulation concerns....
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Micron Plans to Invest $15 Billion in Idaho-Based Manufacturing
Micron Technology is the latest tech firm to expand US manufacturing, with plans to invest $15 billion in a new Idaho-based manufacturing facility....
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The CHIPS and Science Act Is Officially Law
President Joe Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act into law, securing billions to help revitalize the US semiconductor industry....
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Semiconductor Bill Passes the House
The $280 billion semiconductor bill, aimed at helping revitalize the US chip industry, has overcome its final hurdle, passing in the US House....
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Verizon and AT&T Agree to Further 5G Delays Over Aircraft Concerns
Verizon and AT&T have once again agreed to delay their 5G rollout, pushing back some deployments as far as mid-2023....
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AI Represents Major Risk to Banking Cybersecurity
Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the banking industry's Achilles heel, making it more vulnerable to Russian cyberattacks....
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Biden Warns of Russian Cyberattacks
President Joe Biden is warning American businesses of increased risk of cyberattacks as Russia looks to retaliate against sanctions....
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President Biden Executive Order Targets ‘Responsible Development of Digital Assets’
President Joe Biden has issued an executive order calling on agencies to investigate cryptocurrencies and digital assets, paving the way for a US-back...
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Verizon and AT&T Agree to New 5G Delay, President Biden Weighs In
Verizon and AT&T have backed down from their previous stance, agreeing to a new two-week delay for their C-band 5G rollout....
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Venmo Redesigns App to Remove Global Payments Feed
Venmo has redesigned its app to remove the global payments feed, after a high-profile incident in which President Biden’s account was discovered....
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Big Tech Pledges Billions, Jobs and Training to Boost US Cybersecurity
President Joe Biden met with leaders of the biggest tech firms, securing commitments from them to help improve US cybersecurity....
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Bill Gates Pledges $1.5 Billion for Climate Change if Infrastructure Bill Passes
Bill Gates has pledged some $1.5 billion to help combat climate change if President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill passes Congress....
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New York Times Pushes Back a Return to the Office
In what is becoming an all-too-familiar routine, the New York Times has announced it is pushing back its return to the office....
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Biden Promotes High-Speed Internet Provision of Infrastructure Bill
President Joe Biden is talking up the high-speed internet provision of his signature infrastructure bill....
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FTC Unanimously Embraces Right to Repair
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has “unanimously voted to ramp up law enforcement against repair restrictions.”...
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Biden Will Nominate Long-Time Google Foe to Lead DOJ Antitrust Efforts
In a worrisome sign for Big Tech, President Joe Biden plans to nominate Jonathan Kanter, a long-time Google foe, to head the DOJ antitrust division....
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