Apple Will Allow ‘Reader’ Apps to Have In-App Links to Their Websites

Apple is further loosing its App Store restrictions, allowing “reader” apps to have in-app links to a website for alternative payment methods.

Apple Releases iPhone SE With New A13 Bionic Chip

Apple has released a new iPhone model, incorporating its newest, fastest chip.

Apple Unveils New iPad Pro As Full Laptop Replacement

Apple has announced a new iPad Pro that is clearly aimed at the laptop market, with a slew of powerful new features.

Coronavirus: Apple’s WDDC Goes Online Only

Apple has just announced that its biggest event of the year, WWDC, will be online-only as a result of the coronavirus.

Phil Schiller Says That Rumored Cheap iPhone Isn’t Happening

Earlier this week, a rumor emerged saying that Apple was planning on introducing a cheaper iPhone into emerging markets. How cheap? Another rumor speculated that it could be as cheap as $99. The phone would obviously be intended for emerging…

iPad Mini Too Expensive? Apple’s Phil Schiller Says No Way

If you watched yesterday’s iPad Mini launch event, you probably remember the time Phil Schiller took to compare the new device to various other tablets on the market (mostly targeting Google Android tablets). Aluminum, not plastic; bigger screen but also…