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Uber Petition Grows After Hong Kong Raid
Just a couple of days after police raided Uber’s Hong Kong offices, a petition to “Keep Hong Kong Moving” has already amassed nearly...
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The White House Just Responded to the Pardon Edward Snowden Petition – Two Years Later
It only took two years, but the White House has finally gotten around to providing a response to a petition asking for the pardon of NSA whistleblower...
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‘Mike Brown Law’ Petition to Make All Cops Wear Cameras Tops White House Threshold
A petition to require all state, county, and local police officers to wear body cameras has blown past the signature threshold on The White House̵...
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Facebook Says It’s ‘Not Always Listening’ as Petition Against New Feature Nears 600,000 Signatures
A lot of people, both Facebook users and otherwise, don’t really trust Facebook. So, when Facebook announced a new feature that can passively li...
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Hundreds of Thousands Petition Facebook to Abandon Creepy Passive Listening Feature
Given the fact that a large amount of people–users and non-users alike–have a severe distrust of Facebook and their intentions, it’s not tha...
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Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales Calls Bullsh*t on Alt-Medicine Petitioners
If you look up “Emotional Freedom Techniques” on Wikipedia, you’ll see that it is “is generally characterized as pseudoscience...
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Laura Prepon Petitioned Not To Leave Netflix’s ‘Orange Is The New Black’
Laura Prepon is most likely leaving Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. While she is one of the most popular cast members, reports came out last ...
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168,000+ Angry Tumblr Users Sign Petition to Thwart Yahoo Deal
This petition has absolutely no chance of changing Marissa Mayer and David Karp’s minds, but it does show that there is a significant chunk of T...
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Tebow Fans’ Plea Hits White House Petition Site
The White House’s online petition website has been used to promote both serious and silly ideas since its debut. Petitions to build a death star...
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Petition to Force Congress to Wear NASCAR-Style Suits with Corporate Logos Gains Steam
Ever since the White House changed the rules on their We The People petition site, forcing petitions to reach the 100,000-signature threshold before w...
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David Hasselhoff Wants to Save the Berlin Wall
It’s a well-known fact that David Hasselhoff is big in Germany. Now, “The Hoff” is seeking to preserve a piece of German history. Th...
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White House Invites Developers To We The People 2.0 Hackathon
To its credit, the Obama administration has been far more tech savvy than any before it. One of its defining moments in this area was the building of ...
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Piers Morgan is Safe as White House Asks Gun Activist Petitioners to Remember the 1st Amendment
The White House’s “We The People” online petition site has seen some ridiculous petitions gain steam over the past couple of months....
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Randy Blythe, Lamb Of God Fans Take To Twitter To Petition White House To Aid Singer’s Freedom
As recently reported, Randy Blythe, vocalist for the metal band Lamb of God, was arrested and charged with manslaughter, after an incident at a show, ...
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Dejected iGoogle Users Create Petitions to Save the Doomed Product
Since Google announced that it’s going to be closing down its personalized homepage product, iGoogle, not everybody has been welcoming of that n...
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The Avengers Apparently Waged A War On Adopted Kids
Has everyone had the chance to see The Avengers yet? I sure hope so – it’s pure escapism at its finest. Critics and fans agree that itR...
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Google Penguin Update: Petition Calls For Google To Kill It
Last week, Google gave frustrated webmasters a place to complain if they felt they were unjustly hit by the Penguin update. While I’m sure Googl...
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Google’s SOPA / PIPA Blackout Petition Generates 4.5 Million Signatures [UPDATE: 7 Million]
UPDATE: The figure is now well over 7 million, according to a Google+ post. Thank you to the more than 7 million of you in the U.S. that took the time...
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SOPA Petition Gains Steam, Some Are Less Than Enthusiastic About Its Prospects
We’ve recently told you about the backlash coming from all angles concerning the Stop Online Piracy Act (PROTECT-IP/E-PARASITE Act), a bill curr...
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Petition Seeks to Keep Google From Blocking Referral Data
Earlier this month, Google announced that it would begin encrypting search queries with SSL as the default experience at for users who sear...
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