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Blackberry Selling $600 Million Worth of Patents
Blackberry is selling off its legacy patents, primarily covering mobile devices, messaging, and wireless connectivity, to the tune of $600 million....
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Huawei Takes Legal Action Against Verizon Alleging Patent Infringement
Huawei has announced it is taking legal action against Verizon, alleging patent infringement by the wireless carrier, according to a company press rel...
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Apple ‘Slide to Unlock’ Patent Is Invalid, Rules German Court
Apple’s patents on its “slide to unlock” feature on its iOS devices are invalid – at least in Germany. A German appeals court has ...
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Facebook Patents a Way to Let Lenders Reject You Based on Your Friends’ Crappy Credit
Facebook’s filed a new patent, and it might make you think twice about the (virtual) company you keep. Here’s the abstract of FacebookR...
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Google Glass Picture Taking Could Get Even Dweebier
If you thought you looked cool wearing Google Glass before, wait till you see this. Google has been awarded a patent that allows “a computing de...
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Apple’s Record $533M Payment to Patent Troll Voided
In February, a federal jury in Texas sided with a patent licensing company called Smartflash and ordered Apple to pay $532.9 million for infringing up...
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Google Could Use Your TV Viewing As A Ranking Signal
It seems almost crazy to think that Google could deliver your search results based on what you’re watching on TV at any point in time, but it...
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Adam Carolla Settles Patent Suit With Personal Audio
Comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla has settled a lawsuit with a patent troll called Personal Audio. The suit emerged roughly a year and a half ago, w...
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Tesla Opens Up All Its Patents, Which Elon Musk Calls ‘Landmines’ of Innovation
On the heels of news that Tesla Motors would be opening up its Supercharger patents in order to help speed up the electric car revolution, the company...
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Microsoft To Close Nokia Devices And Services Acquisition, Signs Licensing Agreement With Motorola
In 2011, Microsoft and Nokia partnered to create a “third” smartphone horse in the race against Apple and Android. In September, it became...
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Google Is Trying to Trademark the Word ‘Glass’, Currently Having Some Issues
Google is attempting (and currently failing) to trademark the word ‘Glass’, in reference to their Google Glass wearable tech. Most of you ...
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Microsoft & Dell Agree to Cross-License Patents
As the traditional computing industry continues to sink under a wave of new mobile technology, traditional computer hardware and software companies ar...
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Google Granted The Panda Patent?
Google has been granted what could be its patent for the controversial Panda update. It was filed on September 28, 2012, a year and a half after the u...
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U.S. Closes Samsung Patent Abuse Investigation
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) today officially closed its investigation into Samsung’s possible abuse of patents. The decision was made f...
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Twitter Bought 900 Patents From IBM After Infringement Claims
Twitter has acquired over 900 patents from IBM. The deal, which includes a cross-license agreement, was made last month, but the two companies have no...
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Google Ordered To Pay AdWords Royalties Over Patent Infringement
A court has ruled that Google must pay 1.36% of its U.S. AdWords earnings from 2012 to 2016 to holding company (or patent troll, if you prefer) Vringo...
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Google and Samsung to Share Patents
The years-long legal fight between Apple and Samsung is continuing to rage in courts around the world. Other high-profile patent lawsuits have come an...
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House Passes Innovation Act, Hopes To Stop Patent Trolls
I think that we can all agree that patent trolls are just about the worst. Even if you have no stake in the tech sector, frivolous litigation aiming t...
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Google Patents Microphone “Tattoo” For Your Neck
What’s up with Google and hi-tech tattoos? Earlier this year, Motorola showed off a new concept for wearable computing that involved the user ge...
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BlackBerry Patent Portfolio Could Draw Interest
Back in August, following another dismal quarterly report, BlackBerry announced that it was exploring “strategic alternatives” – inc...
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