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Tag: operating system

Microsoft Previews New Privacy Controls for Windows 10 in Insider Test
With the rising concern over online privacy, Microsoft is taking greater steps to improve security for users of its browser. The software giant is tes...
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Google’s New ‘Fuchsia’ OS to Replace Android?
Google’s Fuchsia is seen among techies as a replacement for Android, and a revisit of the operating system has shown that it’s coming along quickl...
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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 S in Response to Chrome OS Challenge
Microsoft has promised stability and security to users as it launched Windows 10 S, a stripped down operating system (OS), to ward off the increasing ...
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Microsoft Will Pay You $100 To Upgrade Windows XP
Microsoft wants you to finally stop using Windows XP. Microsoft announced this week that they will no longer be supporting Windows XP in any of their ...
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HTC Reportedly Developing a Mobile OS For China
HTC is in a bad way. After sales of its HTC One smartphone failed to compete with iPhone and Galaxy S4 sales, the company released dismal financial re...
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Samsung Reportedly Slowing Development on OS Tizen
Last year, Samsung teamed up with Intel and the Linux Foundation to develop Tizen, and open-source operating system for mobile devices. Tizen is one o...
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Developer Works Around Google Glass Restrictions With Custom OS
Google Glass has a lot of potential, but some may feel that Google is squandering said potential with its heavy handed regulation. The company has alr...
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Windows 8 Upgrade Prices Going Up Tomorrow
Windows 8 isn’t being adopted by PC users in the numbers Microsoft had hoped. Though the company has sold 60 million Windows 8 licenses, the new...
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Microsoft Windows 8 Pre-Orders Now Available
Microsoft today announced that DVD copies of the Windows 8 Pro upgrade are now available for pre-order at select retailers. The operating system upgra...
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Linux Kernel Version 3.4 Now Available
It’s always strikes me with awe whenever a new version of the Linux kernel is released. The hours of work that developers put into this product ...
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Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Editions
It’s expected with each new Windows release that Microsoft announces the different editions of the software for different types of consumers. Mi...
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Windows Vista Loses Mainstream Support Today
Can you believe it’s been five years since Microsoft unleashed Windows Vista upon the general populace? Like with all operating systems released...
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Linux 3.3 Released, Merges With Android
As we reported on last month, Linux developers are becoming more important to businesses the world over. Their jobs are just about to get easier with ...
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Anonymous Operating System: Real or Fake?
Active Anonymous twitter accounts are now tweeting that the Anonymous Operating System is a fake. @anonopsAnonOpsThe Anon OS is fake it is wrapped in ...
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Microsoft’s Weird Stance on Windows 8 Personalization
How does it make you feel when a company tries to sell you something, but then, try and tell how to use it after you’ve paid for it? If you̵...
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Is Windows 8 Coming Soon?
As Microsoft continues to work on their upcoming Windows 8 builds, preparing the operating system for the touch generation, is it almost time for a be...
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