Arizona House Passes Legislation Targeting App Store Payments

Just weeks after North Dakota failed, the Arizona House has passed legislation to force Apple and Google to allow third-party payments options.

UK Court Blocks Epic’s Case Against Apple

The UK antitrust tribunal has blocked Epic from pursuing its case against Apple — over how the App Store and in-app payments work — in the UK.

North Dakota Votes Against App Store Bill

North Dakota has voted against a bill that world force Apple and Google to support third-party app stores and in-app payment methods.

North Dakota Bill May Force Alternate App Stores

North Dakota has introduced a bill that would force Apple, as well as Google, to allow alternate app stores on their platforms.

Google Now Facing Third Suit, As 30 State Sue Over ‘Illegal Monopoly’

Google is being sued by 30 states, as the company faces its third lawsuit over abusing its monopoly in search and online advertising.

States Sue Google For Antitrust Violations

As predicted, a coalition of 10 states have sued Google for alleged monopolistic behavior in digital advertising. The DOJ filed a lawsuit against Google in October, accusing the company of abusing its monopoly in the search business. Shortly after, Texas…

North Dakota’s Contact Tracing App Shares Location Data With Advertisers

Researchers have discovered that, contrary to its own privacy policy, North Dakota’s contact tracing app shares data with FourSquare.

North Dakota Oil Fire Extinguished

A large fire that broke out at an oil supply and logistics company in Williston, North Dakota has been extinguished. The blaze, which ignited in an oil patch hub in the western part of the state, grew so hot that…

North Dakota Abortion Law Overturned by Judge

Last year, North Dakota’s Republican-led legislature and governor signed into law what abortion rights advocates called the most restrictive law against abortion in the United States. The law, referred to as the fetal heartbeat law, called for the outlaw of…

Monster Chicken Dinosaurs Were Real

What do you get when you cross Randy Macho Man Savage, Beyoncé’s thighs, a wild chicken, and the unimaginable face of pure excitement from the bowels of hell? Why, you’d get the “chicken from hell”, a newly identified feathered dinosaur…