Dell Will Eliminate Chinese Chips From Its Products

Dell will reportedly no longer use Chinese-made chips in its computers beginning in 2024, the latest challenge to China’s semiconductor industry.

US Pressures Allies to Restrict Chip Exports to China

The US is ramping up pressure on China, asking its allies to restrict semiconductor exports to the country.

Apple Testing MacBook and Apple Watch Production in Vietnam

Apple is looking to expand its manufacturing presence in Vietnam, testing MacBook and Apple Watch production.

Apple Has Filed Nearly 250 Automotive Patents

In its push for the Apple Car, Apple has applied for 248 patents related to automotive development.

China Exported 500,000 Electric Vehicles in 2021, Leading the World

China is the leading electric vehicle (EV) exporter, exporting some 500,000 units in 2021 alone.

Teslas Poised to Get a Range Upgrade, Thanks to New Panasonic Batteries

Teslas are poised to receive a significant range upgrade, as early as 2023, with new batteries from Panasonic.

TSMC Set to Raise Prices

TSMC is preparing to raise prices on its chip production, a move that will have a global impact on the price of electronics.

Google Working on Its Own M1 Rival for Chromebook

Google is reportedly following Apple’s lead, working on its own chip to power future Chromebooks.

MacBook Pro and iPad Pro Facing Delays Due to Chip Shortage

Apple may be delaying production of the highly-anticipated MacBook Pro and iPad Pro amid a global semiconductor shortage.