Facebook Announces Platform to Support Writers and Journalists

Facebook has announced a platform to help writers and journalists monetize their content at a time when news and media are under siege.

US Bill Would Allow Small News Publishers to Band Together Against Social Media

A new bill would pave the way for small news publishers to work together to negotiate better deals with tech companies.

Facebook Faces Fallout From Australian News Ban

Facebook is already facing fallout from its decision to block Australian news sources, with government sites impacted and calls of bullying.

Facebook Plays Hardball With Australia While Google Plays Nice

Facebook has escalated its disagreement with Australia over proposed legislation that would force it to pay for news.

Google Signs Multimillion-Dollar Australian News Deal

Amid ongoing negotiations with the Australian government over proposed legislation, Google has signaled cooperation by signing a multimillion-dollar news deal.

Senator Cantwell Accuses Google and Facebook of Killing Local Journalism

While tech CEOs are testifying before the Senate, at least one senator is accusing Google and Facebook of killing local journalism.

Google Sets Aside $1 Billion For News Publishers

Google has at times been at odds with news publishers over the years, but is now trying to smooth things over to the tune of $1 billion.

Microsoft Lays Off More MSN Employees In Favor Of AI

Microsoft is continuing its shift to AI for its MSN editorial team, laying off additional personnel months after its initial layoffs.

The New York Times Parts Ways With Apple News

The New York Times has become one of the first major media outlet to pull out of its deal with Apple News, citing conflicting strategies.

Journalists Beware: Microsoft Replacing News Producers With AI

Microsoft is replacing approximately 50 news production workers with artificial intelligence (AI), according to reports.