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Tag: Nazi

German Nazi Toy Draws Lawsuit from Soccer Star
A German soccer star is none-too-thrilled about a Nazi doll that bears him a striking resemblance. Bastian Schweinsteiger, the German national team an...
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Nazi War Criminal Alois Brunner Declared Dead
Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner has been officially declared dead, though he is thought to have passed some time in 2010. Brunner, an Austrian Schutzs...
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Nicki Minaj Spotted With “New Jewish Boyfriend”
Nicki Minaj got in trouble recently after she released the video for “Only”, her collaboration with Drake, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne. The rapper ...
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Nicki Minaj And Skylar Grey Collaborate On New Song “Bed Of Lies”
Last week at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Nicki Minaj debuted a new song called “Bed of Lies”. The track is a collaboration with Skylar Grey. A fu...
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Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler Had Sex Without Touching?
Eva Braun and her lover and eventual husband, Adolf Hitler, may have had some weird intercourse tendencies according to novelist Martin Amis. Amis is ...
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Chelsea Handler Receives Backlash For Hitler Parody
Chelsea Handler is no stranger to controversy. However, it seems like her latest parody on her late night talk show Chelsea Lately, may have crossed t...
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Majdanek Death Camp: 20 Former Guards Probed By Nazi Investigators
German Nazi investigators have identified 20 guards that served at the Majdanek death camp. They could face charges in Germany for being accessories t...
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Treblinka Camp Secrets: More Proof Holocaust Existed
NBC News tells us of the grim secrets recently found by archaeologists at a Nazi death camp. The findings were also documented by filmmakers and shown...
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Anne Frank Literature: 265 Books Destroyed in Tokyo
Since January, a vandal has been making the rounds, ripping pages out of Anne Frank books in libraries across Tokyo, Japan. Police investigators have ...
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Tom Perkins: Another Person Clueless About Holocaust
Tom Perkins represents a number of people who have this annoying tendency to make references to historic events without bothering to know what it is t...
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Former SS Soldier Charged With 70-Year Old Massacre
A former SS soldier, now an 88 year old man identified only as Werner C, is being charged by German prosecutors for allegedly taking part in a 1944 ma...
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Erich Priebke: Nazi Criminal, Funeral Sparks Protest
Erich Priebke, a German Nazi war criminal, died last week. His body was being transported in order to hold a funeral for him, and was forced to be cal...
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Auschwitz Guards Under Investigation
The atrocities inflicted almost 70 years ago during World War II may be gone, but they are certainly not forgotten. The German special prosecutorsR...
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Minnesota: Nazi Commander Found Living in the U.S.
A 94-year-old Nazi commander has allegedly been found living in the U.S. state of Minnesota. According to an Associated Press investiagation, Michael ...
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Hindenburg Mystery Solved After 76 Years
Over the years, many hypotheses about how the fire aboard the Hindenburg started have been proposed. One of the more popular theories in conspiracy th...
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Nazis Planned to Kill Churchill with Exploding Chocolate
Nazis planned to kill Churchill with exploding chocolate? Apparently so. Although I’d like to think that some talented individual out there coul...
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Raelians Fly Swastika Over South New Jersey Beach
Some people baffle me sometimes even though they have the best of intentions. This past weekend that exact thing took place off the coast of southern ...
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