German Nazi Toy Draws Lawsuit from Soccer Star


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A German soccer star is none-too-thrilled about a Nazi doll that bears him a striking resemblance.

Bastian Schweinsteiger, the German national team and Manchester United midfielder, has taken legal action against a Hong Kong-based toy manufacturer for selling a German WWII figurine that looks like him.

It's also named Bastian.

According to the company, Dragon in Dream, the resemblance (and name, I guess) are purely coincidental. A company spokesperson took the they all look alike defense in a statement.

"We don't sell any figures which resemble footballers. It is a complete coincidence that the figure 'Bastian' looks like Schweinsteiger," they said. "We thought that all Germans look like that. Bastian is also a very common name in Germany."

The doll retails for about $120 and comes with multiple outfits – including ones with the well-recognized eagle and swastika symbolism.