Google App Gets Better At Complex Questions

Google said on Monday that the Google app now understands users better with “complex questions welcome.” According to the company, it is starting to “truly understand” the meaning of what users are asking, and it can break down query to…

Google Moves Further Away From Keyword Dependence

It seems that June, for Google, was all about improving how the search engine deals with natural language. On Friday, Google released a giant list of changes it made over the course of June and July. There were 86 entries…

10 Natural Language Search Improvements Google Has Recently Made

Late on Friday, Google finally unveiled its “search quality highlights” lists for both June and July in one fell swoop. In all, there were 86 changes to wade through, and we’re still wading. You can see the whole list here.…

Bing Shopping Gets Natural Language Price Constraint Feature

Bing has announced a new natural language search feature for Bing Shopping results. With the new capabilitiy, users should be able to use words like "under $100" or "under $50" along with their keywords to get relevant results for products that match such descriptions. 

10 Details About How Google Handles Natural Language Search

Google has posted a thought-provoking piece to the Official Google Blog, discussing at length, Google’s system for understanding synonyms in search. As author Steven Baker says, "An irony of computer science is that tasks humans struggle with can be performed easily by computer programs, but tasks humans can perform effortlessly remain difficult for computers."