Signal Plans to Remove SMS Messaging From Android App

Signal has announced plans to remove SMS messaging from its Android app in a move that’s sure to disappoint users.

Google Bringing End-to-End Encryption to RCS Messages

Google appears prepared to bring end-to-end encryption to RCS messages, helping it better compete with Apple iMessages.

Messaging Revenue Down as Messaging Apps Take Off

As popular social networking sites such as Facebook become populated with, well, everyone, teens are now escaping to the relative privacy that messaging apps provide. WhatsApp and SnapChat are now two of the most popular mobile apps, and it seems…

ChaCha Launches MMS Rich Media, Coupon, Video Ads

ChaCha has launched a new MMS service for movie trailers, coupon images, rich media ads, and other video content to "virtually all phones". The service works on even the 75% of US mobile phones that aren’t smartphones, the company says. 

Known as an answers service, ChaCha will begin serving MMS ads to its users (ChaCha claims 15 million active monthly uniques). As mobile marketing becomes increasingly important, this might appeal to a range of advertisers.