Coinbase Getting Into ‘Ill-Advised’ War With SEC

Coinbase is calling out the SEC for what it believes is “sketchy” behavior, but TheStreet’s Jim Cramer is not a fan of its strategy.

TSMC and MIT Leapfrog IBM, Make 1nm Breakthrough

TSMC and MIT have made a major advancement in semiconductor design, with a 1nm breakthrough.

GM Signs Deal With SolidEnergy Systems to Improve EV Range

GM has partnered with MIT spinout SolidEnergy Systems to improve EV range, thanks to an innovative type of battery.

Verily, Broad Institute and Microsoft Partner For Multi-Cloud Biomedical Research

Alphabet’s Verily and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have partnered with Microsoft to advance biomedical research.

MIT Removes AI Training Dataset Over Racist Concerns

MIT has removed a massive dataset after finding it contained racist, misogynistic terms and offensive images.

Coronavirus: MIT Cancels Classes, Goes Online

MIT has informed students that classes will be cancelled the week of March 16, and all classes will transition online once spring break is over.

U.S. Government Looks To Restrict Exports Of AI, Quantum Computing And Self-Driving Tech

According to The Washington Post, the Trump administration has floated a proposal that would limit high-tech exports to China. Under the proposal, artificial intelligence (AI), robots, quantum computing, image recognition and self-driving tech would all be prohibited from being exported…

Alteryx Acquires Feature Labs, An MIT-Born Machine Learning Startup

Data science is one of the fastest growing segments of the tech industry, and Alteryx, Inc. is front and center in the data revolution. The Alteryx Platform provides a collaborative, governed platform to quickly and efficiently search, analyze and use…

Twitter Is Funding A New MIT Lab For ‘Social Machines’

The MIT Media Lab announced that it has secured a five-year, $10 million investment from Twitter, which will provide access to its real-time, public steam of tweets as well as the archive of every tweet all the way back to…

Google’s Robots To Get Better At Squeezing Into Tight Places

Last year, Google bought Boston Dynamics, the robot makers who created such nightmare-inducing machines as this: …and this: …and this: Now, the company is working with researchers from MIT to add some more flexibility into the mix (via 9to5 Google):…