MIT Now Has Their Own Super Fast Robot Cheetah

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In September of last year, Boston Dynamics introduced the world to a cheetah robot that you could never hope to outrun. With a max speed of 28.3 mph, the robot would even be able to catch a sprinting Usain Bolt. Now MIT has made their own robot cheetah that's not quite as fast, but it's fast enough to catch you.

Of course, MIT's cheetah isn't just a carbon copy of last year's robot from Boston Dynamics. The researchers have found that their robot can run much more efficiently by swapping out the pneumatics of the previous cheetah for motors. It may only be able to run at a speed of 13.7 mph at the moment, but it will be able to run for much longer periods of time. One day, it may also be able to carry its own battery.

Let's just hope MIT never decides to equip their robot with metal teeth and an insatiable bloodlust.

[h/t: Engadget]