T-Mobile Has Best Year Ever on Strong Q4 Results

T-Mobile has beat estimates in its Q4 results, topping off the company’s best year ever.

AT&T Getting Serious About Selling DirecTV, Fielding Offers

AT&T is reportedly fielding offers to sell its DirecTV satellite service, as the service shrinks due to the rise of streaming options.

T-Mobile TVision Giving Customers 30+ Free Channels

T-Mobile informed TVision subscribers they will be receiving 30+ channels, normally part of the Vibe plan, for free.

T-Mobile Releases Quarterly Results, Crosses 100 Million Customers

T-Mobile has released its third-quarter results, and has turned in record-breaking numbers.

T-Mobile Takes On Streaming TV With TVision

At its latest Un-carrier event, T-Mobile has unveiled TVision, its take on streaming and live TV.

T-Mobile Expanding Home Internet to Help AT&T DSL Customers

T-Mobile has announced it is expanding its home internet to 450 markets in an effort to offer service to customers “left high‑and‑dry by AT&T.”

T-Mobile Launches $10.7 Billion Project 10Million to Help Remote Learning

T-Mobile has announced the launch of Project 10Million, a $10.7 billion initiative to help deliver internet connectivity to underserved children.

T-Mobile Money Expands to Sprint Users

Sprint customers now have full access to T-Mobile’s banking solution, T-Mobile Money, following their merger.

T-Mobile Passes AT&T to Become Nation’s Second-Largest Carrier

Following its merger with Sprint and a strong second quarter, T-Mobile has passed AT&T to become the nation’s second-largest wireless carrier.

T-Mobile and Sprint Officially Unified Under T-Mobile Brand

Four months after completing a merger years in the making, T-Mobile has officially shut down the Sprint brand.