T-Mobile Takes On Streaming TV With TVision

At its latest Un-carrier event, T-Mobile has unveiled TVision, its take on streaming and live TV....
T-Mobile Takes On Streaming TV With TVision
Written by Matt Milano
  • At its latest Un-carrier event, T-Mobile has unveiled TVision, its take on streaming and live TV.

    Streaming TV services have been gaining in popularity as customers ditch cable and satellite services in record numbers, weary of their business practices. Many companies lure customers with introductory pricing that dramatically increases after the first year, while others charge “rental fees” for equipment.

    T-Mobile is setting out to change the status quo, much as they did for the wireless industry, with its TVision service.

    “People are ready for real choice and real change in home TV, maybe this year more than ever before. That’s exactly what TVision delivers… all at prices you’ll love. You can cut the cord for as little as ten dollars a month with TVision VIBE. Or if you want live news and sports, you can get it starting at just forty dollars a month with TVision LIVE. That’s TVision, and THAT is TV done right!” said Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile. “The Cableopoly holds TV fans hostage, bundling live news and sports into expensive packages with hundreds of other channels that people don’t want, and don’t watch. Something’s gotta change. And that’s what the Un-carrier does best — force change. Just like we changed wireless for good — today we’re going to change TV for good!”

    TVision UI TV LIVE

    TVision UI TV LIVE

    The new service comes in several different packages, including TVision Live, TVision Vibe and TVision Channels.

    TVision Live offers live TV channels, including local networks. There are three Live options—Live TV, Live TV+ and Live Zone—ranging from $40 to $60/mo and offering 34 to 66 channels. TVision Live plans will offer up to three simultaneous streams, along with 100 hours of cloud DVR. As an added bonus, Live TV+ and Live Zone customers will receive a free Apple TV+ subscription for one full year.

    TVision Vibe is $10/mo and offers 34 lifestyle and entertainment channels. TVision Channels is designed to let customers pull together the a-la-carte streaming services they already use into one place.

    The company is also offering TVision Hub, an Android-powered HDMI streaming device. Customers can install their favorite TV apps on the device, using it much like an Apple TV.

    T-Mobile has been branching out, looking for opportunities to bring their customer-centric focus to other industries, such as their foray into banking with T-Mobile Money. Given the dissatisfaction with current TV options, it’s a safe bet T-Mobile will have another hit on their hands.

    The service will be available to T-Mobile subscribers beginning November 1, and to Sprint customers on November 13.


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