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There Is No Aspect of Healthcare That Is Not Being Transformed Digitally, Says AMA Chief Experience Officer
“A lot of times it's better to think about (digital transformation) in retrospect after you've gotten something done, but the digital platform is es...
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Every Sector of the Economy is Going to Benefit From Robotics and AI
“We are on the cusp of ubiquitous automation,” says ROBO Global President William Studebaker. “We have an undeniable inflection point because of...
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Kim Kardashian Forced to Post a ‘Corrective Ad’ After FDA Called Previous One Misleading
Future first lady and Instagram queen Kim Kardashian has been forced to post a #CorrectiveAd on Instagram after she and a drugmaker ran afoul of the F...
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E-Cigarettes 95% Safer? Not So Fast, Says Top Medical Journal
The Lancet, one of the world’s oldest and best-known medical journals, has blasted a widely-publicized report that said e-cigarettes are 95% saf...
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Kim Kardashian Posted a Misleading Drug Ad on Instagram and Ran Afoul of the FDA
Kim Kardashian has 42.6 million Instagram followers and nearly 26 million Facebook likes. So when she promotes a product, it’s a pretty big deal...
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3D Printed Drug: FDA Approves Its First, an Epilepsy Medication
Medical tech is a huge market where 3D printing is attempting to make a splash, and now we have another first for the industry. The US Food and Drug A...
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The First Successful Penis Transplant Has Occurred
It took nine hours, but a team of surgeons from Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital in South Africa have completed the world’s first ...
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Google Starts Returning Quick Medical Facts
Google is about to start displaying more medical information in its Knowledge Graph, enabling users to quickly search and retrieve important health in...
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Mark Zuckerberg, Wife Priscilla Chan Give $75 Million to Hospital Where She Completed Residency
Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have just announced a huge donation to San Francisco General Hospital. The couple is giving $75 million ...
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Dr Oz Slammed As Wrong Half the Time by New Study
Dr. Oz was already dealing with a recent appearance before Congress that put a dent in his believability. Now another study has come out that says the...
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Jonas Salk Gets A Google Doodle On His 100th Birthday
Jonas Salk is the subject of today’s Google Doodle as the company celebrates what would have been his 100th birthday. Unfortunately, he passed a...
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Proposition 46 Debate Heats Up in California
In November Californians will have the opportunity to significantly change medical malpractice law in their state. Proposition 46 would raise Californ...
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Alzheimer’s Disease Discovery Leads To Nobel Prize
Alzheimer’s disease studies have had a major breathrough with new information from Monday’s Nobel Prize winners in medicine. Their discove...
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Antihistamines: Are There Better Options?
Antihistamines and decongestants are often the last line of defense for those poor souls suffering through seasonal allergies and colds. While the med...
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Plague Found in China, City of Yumen Sealed Off
Chinese state media reported Tuesday that the city of Yumen has been sealed off since last week, after a 38-year-old man died of bubonic plague. Yumen...
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Fish Oil Supplements Protect Against Alzheimer’s
A new study suggests that fish oil might be one of the most effective preventative measures against developing Alzheimer’s disease, for those wh...
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Panda Animal Clinic Offers Groundbreaking Holistic Care for Pets
Holistic medicine, also known as holistic health or holism, is an all-inclusive type of health care that attempts to focus on all areas of a person...
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Blood Test for Alzheimers Getting Closer
Alzheimer’s disease is one of those ailments that strikes fear throughout society, no matter what your socioeconomic standing. It does this for ...
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Allergy Treatments: From Pharmacy To Self-Hypnosis
Feeling like the respiratory spasmodic little dude from Snow White this summer? While that anticipated pollen vortex was not nearly as unpleasant as e...
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Hospital Leaked Patient’s Syphilis Diagnosis on Facebook, Claims Lawsuit
I’d imagine that being told you have an STD isn’t pleasant, but I’m pretty sure that it would be twice as awful if that news was mad...
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