Mainstream Media Gets Wind of SOPA

Largely, the fight between SOPA supporters and those against the potential censoring of the Internet, all in name of protecting the entertainment industry’s intellectual property, has been conducted over the web. But now, it seems the mainstream media, the corporate-owned…

Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore Criticize Media Fascination with Palin Emails

On Friday, a two-year-old request to release the emails of former VP candidate Sarah Palin while she was Governor of Alaska was finally granted. Many members of the mainstream media descended upon Juneau to collect the emails, which were distributed…

Journalism Students Turn to Web First, Still Covet MSM Jobs

Journalism professor Roy Greenslade, who blogs at, shared some interesting findings from a lecture he gave to a class at City University about journalism students and news sources. 

What is Fair Use? You Tell Us.

What is fair use? It’s a question that doesn’t seem to go away. Traditional media publications often throw blogs under the bus for borrowing quotes and spreading news to their own audiences. While there are certainly plenty of cases in which blogs do trample on the concept of fair use, to say that blogs in general follow this practice is simply absurd.

Should Mainstream Media Be Held to Different Standards Than Bloggers?

Should mainstream media be held to different standards than bloggers when it comes to crediting sources? Mainstream media agencies have frequently turned their noses up at bloggers, essentially claiming that they steal and repurpose the work of their hard working journalists. While this may be true in some cases, it is hardly fair to say that this is true in general. In fact, this week, we’ve seen a clear example of the hypocrisy of this notion, because mainstream media publications are clearly just as guilty as blogs when it comes to improper crediting of sources.