GM Ultra Cruise Will Bring True Hands-Free Driving Across 95% of Scenarios

GM has announced its next generation autonomous driving software, Ultra Cruise, covering 95% of driving scenarios.

NASA Using Japanese Startup to Map Wind Patterns for Drones

NASA is working with Japanese startup MetroWeather Co. to map out wind patterns in an effort to improve drone and air taxi safety.

Tesla Car Spotted With Lidar Sensors

Tesla appears to be testing a car with lidar sensors, a technology used to help automakers develop self-driving vehicles.

Volvo’s Self-Driving Cars Will Use LiDAR In 2022

Volvo plans on using LiDAR in its next generation of self-driving cars, scheduled to begin production in 2022.

Uber’s Self-Driving Research Car Spotted in the Wild

Uber is in the early stages of developing “mapping, safety, and autonomy” systems, and its first vehicles tasked with doing so have just hit the road. Where? In Pittsburgh, where the Pittsburgh Business Times spotted a black Ford with a…

Cambodian Lost City Revealed Using Airborne Lasers

Remember the days of bullwhips, fedoras, and grail diaries? It seems they’ve gone the way of the pharaohs. Researchers have uncovered what seems to be the lost city of Mahendraparvata, previously known only from 1200 year old inscriptions. Mahendraparvata, one…