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Tag: KDE

Linux Desktop Market Share Crosses 3% for the First Time
Linux hit a major milestone, with its desktop market share crossing the 3% mark for the first time in its history....
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Microsoft Windows Ripping Off KDE Plasma…Again
Microsoft continues to copy the best features from one of the leading Linux desktop environments (DE), with Windows 12 poised to rip off KDE Plasma....
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Linux Distro Reviews: Fedora — The Distro In Red Hat’s Shadow
In our ongoing Linux Distro Reviews series, we're taking a look at some of the most popular Linux distros, especially from the standpoint of users loo...
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KDE Dev: ‘Plasma 6 Is Fairly Livable’
KDE developer Nate Graham has weighed in on Plasma 6, saying the desktop environment is "fairly livable."...
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Fedora KDE Will Drop X11 In Favor of Wayland
Fedora's KDE spin is taking a major step forward, planning to drop X11 altogether in favor of Wayland....
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Linux Distro Reviews: KDE Neon
KDE Neon is the official KDE distro and one of the more unusual Linux distros, especially among those based on Ubuntu....
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Asahi Linux Chooses KDE Plasma, Citing ‘Configurability’
Asahi Linux lead Hector Martin took to Mastodon to explain the decision to use KDE as the default desktop environment (DE), citing its "configurabilit...
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KDE Neon Is Now Based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
KDE Neon, the non-distro distribution, is now based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS....
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Linux Distro Reviews: Xfce
Xfce is one of the oldest desktop environments (DE) available for Linux, but it is still going strong as a top contender for modern users....
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Linux Distro Reviews: KDE Plasma — The One That Could Be King
KDE Plasma is one of the most popular Linux desktop environments (DE), but it can't get out of its own way to claim the crown....
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Latte Dock Developer Steps Away From Popular KDE Project
Fans of the popular KDE panel Latte Dock are in for a disappointment, with the developer announcing he will no longer be maintaining the project....
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Linux Users Finally Getting Their Own Tablet
It seems that Linux users will finally be able to join the ranks of tablet users. Spark is a new tablet from KDE, the free software community behind t...
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