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Tag: Joseph Kony

Kony 2012 Sequel ‘Beyond Famous’ Released Today
Is it really even plausible that lightning would strike twice and a sequel to the world’s most successful viral video in history could duplicate...
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Slacktivism Does More Than You Think [Infographic]
The past year seems to have seem to have played host to a wave of activism and social involvement in the United States the likes of which we have not ...
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Rush Limbaugh Defends Joseph Kony As a Christian
Back in October 2011, Rush Limbaugh probably had no way of knowing that one of his talking point stories would end up blowing up as big as it did. Thi...
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Kony: Ugandan Says He’s Already Dead
The “Stop Kony” movement on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has gotten a lot of traction lately. The Ugandan guerrilla leader, Joseph Kony, ...
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Stop Kony Movement Looks To Raise Awareness For ‘Invisible Children’ Charity
If you’ve never heard of Joseph Kony, then most likely you’ll never forget who he is if you’re on Twitter or keep up with the latest...
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