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Avatar 2 Will NOT Be Ready For Christmas 2017 Release As Cameron Works “At His Own Pace”
Avatar 2, up to earlier this week, was set to release in December of 2017 and was to be stiff competition for Star Wars VIII at the box office. Howeve...
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“Avatar 2” And “Star Wars VIII” To Do Box Office Battle With Both Scheduled For Release In December 2017
Avatar 2 and Star Wars VIII are two of the most highly-anticipated sequels of all time and both are now set to release in the same busy Christmas seas...
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Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Billy Milligan, Man With 24 Personalities, in ‘The Crowded Room’
Leonardo DiCaprio has signed on for the role of Billy Milligan, a man acquitted of both rape and robbery because he exhibited 24 personalities, in the...
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Harrison Ford Answers Questions on Star Wars, Indiana Jones in Reddit AMA
Actor Harrison Ford made a “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit yesterday, answering (and not answering) some of his fans’ most pervas...
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Vitamix Blender Spoof with Fallon, Schwarzenegger
While aping the popular home shopping network QVC Monday, former California governor and action star Arnold Schwarzenegger joined The Tonight Show hos...
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Avatar Is Returning For A Sequel
What is not surprising is that Zoe Saldana’s Avatar role as Neytiri has been confirmed, along with Sam Worthington’s Avatar Role as Jake Sully...
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Zoë Saldana, Sam Worthington To Star In Next Three ‘Avatar’ Sequels
The sequels to the 2009 Blockbuster film Avatar are officially in motion, and the film’s stars Zoë Saldana and Sam Worthington are back onboard...
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Zoe Saldana And Sam Worthington Sign On For Three Avatar Sequels
James Cameron talked about the idea of making sequels shortly after his huge hit film Avatar came out in 2009. The film earned an Oscar for Best Pictu...
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James Cameron Taking ‘Avatar’ Sequels to New Zealand
Director James Cameron has confirmed that three sequels to his ‘Avatar’ blockbuster will be produced in New Zealand, beginning in 2015. Ne...
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James Cameron Gets Blasted At Golden Globes
Last night’s Golden Globe awards were hosted by “Saturday Night Live” alums–and BFFs–Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and while...
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This Robot Exoskeleton Brings To Mind A Different James Cameron Movie
When we think about robots, we often think about the Terminator films (especially the first two), and with good reason considering some of the terrify...
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James Cameron Will Soon Answer Your Questions On Google+
National Geographic announced today that James Cameron, Jane Goodall, and Robert Ballard will participate in a Google+ Hangout on Sunday to answer que...
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James Cameron Pushes 3-D in China
Love it or hate it, 3-D moviemaking has some huge support from powerful players in the movie industry and it won’t be going away anytime soon. J...
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James Cameron to Film Three Avatar Sequels Back-to-Back
Although I did enjoy “Avatar” — the theatrical version, not the overlong extended cut — the idea of sitting through three sequ...
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James Cameron Teaming With Google Execs For Space Mining
Film director James Cameron is well on his way to being known just as much for his explorer credentials as his movies. The 58-year old–whose fil...
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Google Founders Investing in Asteroid Mining?
A lot of top-dollar investors have announced their backing of the new company Planetary Resources. The company will consist of former astronauts and v...
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James Cameron to Reignite Robo Wars Craze?
James Cameron recently amazed the public with his voyage to the Mariana Trench where he described the bottom of the ocean floor to be lunar, desolate,...
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Neil deGrasse Tyson Suggests Titanic Alteration, Cameron Complies
In about four days from know, you’ll be able to take another trip on James Cameron’s Titanic. The difference between this one and the one ...
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First Look At James Cameron’s Mariana Trench Voyage [VIDEO]
“It was a very lunar, desolate place, very isolated. My feeling was one of complete isolation from all of humanity.” That’s how Jame...
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James Cameron’s Mariana Trench Tweet: Dispatches From The Bottom Of The Ocean
James Cameron, the Academy Award winning director of films like Titanic, Avatar, and The Abyss, doesn’t keep his drive for thrills and explorati...
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