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Google Takes Fiber To Public Housing
Google announced that it will bring gigabit Internet service to residents in all public housing properties that it connects with Google Fiber. This is...
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Netflix ISP Speed Rankings For October
Netflix just released its monthly update on Internet service provider speed data, ranking the top ISPs in terms of speed for its streaming service. Th...
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Internet Providers Probed Over Broadband Speeds
Are you really getting the internet speed you think you’re getting? Three internet service providers – Verizon, Cablevision, and Time Warner C...
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Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Others Demand Specific Privacy Rules for ISPs
In order to obtain the necessary services that the country’s various internet service providers offer, Americans must give up a lot of personal ...
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Did The FCC Get Net Neutrality Right?
As you may have heard, the FCC announced that it has set rules on net neutrality and an open Internet, which it says “will protect free expressi...
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FCC: Broadband Internet Must Hit 25Mbps, or ISPs Can’t Call It Broadband
If your ISP doesn’t provide download speeds of 25Mbps, it can no longer tell you you’re getting broadband internet. The Federal Communicat...
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Comcast Hotspot Lawsuit Alleges Company Broke the Law with Xfinity Public WiFi Initiative
A couple of Comcast customers are none too happy with the company’s Xfinity WiFi hotspot initiative, and have filed a class-action lawsuit again...
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Should The Internet Be Reclassified As Obama Requests?
In an effort to protect an open Internet, President Obama announced that he’s asking the FCC to reclassify Internet service under Title II of th...
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Netflix Releases Latest ISP Speed Rankings
Netflix just released its new ISP Speed Index data for the month of July. Last month, they added some icons to the U.S. graph to “increase trans...
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Netflix Releases Latest ISP Rankings
Netflix just released its new ISP Speed Index data for the month of June. This time, they’ve added icons to the U.S. graph to “increase tr...
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Comcast, Time Warner Still the Most Hated as Regulators Weigh Merger
The American Customer Satisfaction Index, a gigantic (80,000 or so) annual survey that asks Americans about their satisfaction with certain companies ...
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AT&T Officially Buying DirecTV For Nearly $50 Billion
After weeks of rumor and speculation, AT&T has officially announced that it will acquire DirecTV in a stock-and-cash transaction for $95 per shar...
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Netflix Signs Another U.S. Cable Deal, This Time With Suddenlink
Netflix has reportedly signed a deal with Suddenlink Communications, a cable provider serving areas in California, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, ...
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Netflix CEO Talks Net Neutrality And Why It’s Paying Comcast
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wrote a rare post on the company blog to address concerns regarding net neutrality and its recently announced deal with Comc...
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Netflix Expands ISP Speed Index
A year ago, Netflix launched its ISP Speed Index site. Since then, updates have included regional reports and prime time performance metrics. Now, the...
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Will The FCC’s New Net Neutrality Rules Protect Consumers And Small Businesses?
In January, the open Web took a major hit when a court sided with Verizon over the FCC’s net neutrality rules. The defeat meant that Verizon or ...
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Netflix Says It Will ‘Vigorously Protest’ ISP Abuse If It Has To
Netflix just released its earnings report for the fourth quarter along with an accompanying letter to shareholders. In the letter, CEO Reed Hastings a...
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Netflix Updates ISP Speed Index, Adds Prime Time Performance Metrics
Netflix is now reporting prime time performance metrics in its ISP Speed Index. The company has now put out the October update. “Prime time is t...
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Here’s Netflix’s Latest Rankings For Best ISPs
Netflix has added the data for September to its ISP Speed Index, which looks at the ISPs providing their customers with the best Netflix streaming exp...
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An Internet Without Net Neutrality Looks Pretty Damn Scary
Even though the network that gives life to the Internet is considered an interstate communications service, and therefore is under the regulatory watc...
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