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Tag: iron man 3

Canon Cameras Used in ‘Iron Man 3’
Canon has long been known for its high quality, when it comes to taking pictures in the photography field. Recently, however, Canon has also made a na...
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Iron Man JARVIS App Comes to iOS
Hardware manufacturers and content creators have been touting “second screen experiences” for quite a while now, but nothing so far has su...
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Iron Man 3 Expected To Pass $1 Billion Plateau
Although it may have been the first big release of the Summer Movie Season–no offense to Michael Bay and his Pain & Gain offering–Mar...
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Iron Man Stunt Goes Wrong in Missouri Theater
Iron Man 3 kicked off the summer movie blockbuster season with a huge opening weekend. One theater in Missouri decided, as many theaters do, to provid...
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“Iron Man 3” Posters Are Incredibly Detailed And Beautiful
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s boutique division, Mondo, has worked up 3 gorgeous posters for the premiere of “Iron Man 3” which will be ...
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Iron Man 3 Suits Up On Mobile Devices Next Week
Iron Man 3 premiers in theaters on May 3. Before the theatrical release, Gameloft will be giving mobile gamers a taste of the action with its latest m...
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Iron Man 3: Chinese Trailer (Taiwanese Animation Style)
Taiwanese animation firm Next Media Animation has put out its own trailer for the much anticipated Iron Man 3. It’s pretty characteristic of NMA...
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Iron Man 3 Poster Finally Revealed
Earlier today, an image of what appeared to be a final Iron Man 3 poster being displayed outside a movie theater was posted to a tumblr blog. The leak...
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Iron Man 3 Holiday Greetings From Tony Stark
In all the commotion surrounding the holidays, it can be hard to keep focus on the really important things. For example, the momentary excitement over...
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Iron Man 3 Trailer Teaser Uploaded By Marvel
Marvel uploaded a new teaser trailer for Iron Man 3 to its YouTube channel on Sunday. It’s a whopping seventeen seconds long, and some of those ...
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Iron Man 3 Footage Debuts at San Diego Comic Con
Iron Man 3 footage debuted at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, a fact which has caused those who weren’t in attendance plenty of aggravati...
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Iron Man 3 Update: No Iron Patriot?
Word is, regardless of what your eyes told you a few days ago concerning the leaked Iron Patriot images, the next installment of Marvel’s Iron M...
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Iron Man 3: Filming Officially Underway in North Carolina
Iron Man 3 coverage has been through the proverbial roof on just about every entertainment-oriented site on the planet, thanks in part to the smashing...
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Iron Man 3 Villain: First Look At Iron Patriot
With the outrageous success of “The Avengers” earlier this month, one would imagine the movie studios will be hastening to get other films...
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