Canon Cameras Used in 'Iron Man 3'

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Canon has long been known for its high quality, when it comes to taking pictures in the photography field. Recently, however, Canon has also made a name for itself in the world of cinema.

Two years ago Canon launched its Cinema EOS camera system at an event in which cinematographers, press, directors and other invited guests attended. And although the company believes it is still in its beginning stages, the cinematic crew of Iron Man 3 believed in the system enough to use it on the film.

Part of the visual magic behind the action film is created by superimposing computer graphic imagery onto its use of live action stunt footage. The Iron Man 3 visual effects team was able to do this with help from the EOS C300 Cinema cameras.

“The Canon EOS C300 cameras gave us the main things we needed, which were detail, sharpness and resolution,” said Iron Man 3 visual effects supervisor Christopher Townsend, in an interview.

These highly mobile cameras were used as “witness cameras” to capture accurate and up-close stunt actor movements. They were placed on either side of the main picture cameras to capture different angles of what was being recorded.

“Then, using various software programs and hard work, we were able to triangulate exactly where a person was in space at any particular moment, and then overlay a CGI ‘character’ on top of that,” Townsend said of their process.

The Canon cameras also shot some of the scenes that were used in the finished film.

Here, check out the trailer for the film:

Along with a body that weighs a mere three pounds, the Canon EOS C300 also features a removable combination control panel and a four-inch 1.23 megapixel LCD monitor. It can capture images in low light and has a built-in 1.55 megapixel adjustable-angle color electronic viewfinder.

Canon fans have long been showing their love of the brand on Twitter:

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