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Apple Event Rumored For March 16, Likely New iPad Pro & AirTags
Apple is rumored to be holding an event March 16, likely to unveil a new iPad Pro, iPad mini and AirTags....
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Apple to Kill the iPad Mini in Latest Rumor
We’re only a few weeks out from Apple season – that magical time of year when Apple unveils a bunch of new hardware – and there are already ...
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iPad Mini 3: Most Underwhelming Apple Update Ever?
The iPad Mini 3 is being touted as, at best, a very anti-climactic update, and at worst, a brutal evisceration of the iPad Mini line. The iPad Mini 3 ...
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New iPad Mini Doesn’t Appear to Be Impressing Apple Fans
Last week at a big press event, Apple unveiled two new iPad models – the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. The former received nearly a half an hour o...
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New iPad Air Leak Shows Touch ID Sensor
Apple’s second big event of the year is set to take place this Thursday. All signs point to the event being Apple’s annual iPad reveal. Ru...
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iPad Mini 3: Rumors Abound For October 16th. But Is It Obsolete?
With the October 16th Apple media event right around the corner, everyone is trying guess what Apple will announce before they announce it. One of the...
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iPad Mini Retina Is More Accessible Than Ever
On November 12th, Apple soft-launched the new iPad Mini Retina, just in time for the holiday season. This new iPad mini model boasts a 7.9 inch Retina...
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iPad Air, iPad Mini, Original iPad- Which Is Best?
So you are thinking about buying an iPad but are a little overwhelmed with all of the different options. Do you buy the iPad mini that is small and po...
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iPad Mini Deserving of a Place on Your Holiday Shopping List?
Black Friday is just a few days away and everyone will be shopping for all the hottest and newest electronics on the market. If you want to be the bes...
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iPad Mini With Retina Display Reportedly Available For Walk-In Purchases At Some Stores
Some consumers looking to buy Apple’s iPad mini with Retina Display may now be able to do so in their local Apple Retail stores. I stress the wo...
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The New iPad Mini Isn’t Very Repairable
The folks at iFixIt have turned the art of tearing apart electronics into a science over the years. Every teardown is methodical, beautiful and best o...
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iPad Mini With Retina Display Is Now Available For Purchase
Apple announced today that the iPad mini with Retina Display is now available. You can order it through the Apple Online Store or through the company&...
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New iPad Mini Again Rumored to be in Short Supply
During its big iPad announcement event last week, Apple unveiled its latest version of the iPad Mini. Though the tablet’s hardware has remained ...
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New Retina iPad Mini in Short Supply, Says Analyst
This week Apple officially announced its new iPad lineup, including the iPad Air and the newer iPad Mini. One of the only changes the company made to ...
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The iPad Air Gets The NMA Treatment
Did you hear? Apple unveiled its latest iPad – the iPad Air – yesterday. The company boasted that it was the lightest full-sized tablet in...
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New iPad Mini With Retina Display Announced at Apple Event
Today’s Apple event was front-loaded with news about the company’s desktop hardware and software, but the presentation did eventually move...
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Amazon Suggests That A New Apple TV Is Coming Next Week
Apple confirmed earlier this week that it will be holding a media event on October 22. The company is expected to reveal a new iPad and iPad Mini at t...
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It’s Official: Apple’s iPad Event Will Take Place On October 22
It was rumored earlier this month that Apple would be holding this year’s iPad event on October 22. Like most Apple rumors these days, it was ri...
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Apple’s iPad Event Scheduled For October 22 [Report]
With a new iPad being a no show at Apple’s iPhone 5S event last month, we were left to assume that Apple would once again hold a separate event ...
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Apple iPad Mini With Retina Display May Be Delayed
The smell of pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween candy in the air mean only one thing in the world of retail; winter is coming, and with it, the holida...
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