Amazon Suggests That A New Apple TV Is Coming Next Week

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Apple confirmed earlier this week that it will be holding a media event on October 22. The company is expected to reveal a new iPad and iPad Mini at the event, but a recent Amazon listing suggests we'll see a new Apple TV as well.

AppleInsider reports that Amazon France and Amazon Germany have both sold out of the current generation Apple TV. Now, that's not all that surprising as tech products, especially those from Apple, will sell out every now and then. What makes this listing suspect, however, is the date in which Amazon expects to have it back in stock.

Amazon Pretty Much Confirms That A New Apple TV Is Coming Next Week

Even if you can't read German, you can tell that the listing says the Apple TV will be back in stock on October 23. That's only one day after Apple's event on October 22, and Apple generally launches products like the Apple TV a day after its unveiling.

Now, this is not conclusive evidence that a new Apple TV is coming next week. After all, this is Amazon, not Apple. The retailer does have a history of conveniently selling out of products right before a new one is announced, but that usually only applies to its own Kindle tablets. For it know that Apple will be introducing a new Apple TV next week isn't out of the question, but it is unexpected.

Even if this is purely a coincidence, there's still a pretty good chance that Apple will be unveiling the new Apple TV next week. After all, the company says that it still has "a lot to cover." That presumably means that we'll be seeing more than just an iPad and iPad Mini refresh. In fact, I suspect that we'll see refreshes for almost everything in Apple's stable of hardware products next week.

For now though, you might want to hold off on buying that new Apple TV. It would be such a waste to buy the current model, which is still available via Amazon US, only to see Apple announcing a new one a few days later.