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How Entrepreneurs are Made
A look at how society enables the creation of entrepreneurs and the contract that entrepreneurs have with society....
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Keep Company Emails Safe from Phishing Attacks
Email services are central to modern communication.  Ironically, 85% of emails today aren’t meant to foster communication at all.  Spam is...
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Ready to Drink Cocktails: the Latest eCommerce Trend
Graduations, weddings, becoming a parent, becoming a grandparent, promotions, anniversaries, vacations, birthdays, a night on the town, and a quiet di...
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Can Innovation Fix Kidney Failure?
Kidney failure is a serious problem in the United States.  Nearly 800,000 Americans were living with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in 2018.  That s...
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eCommerce at Scale Through Product Configurator
eCommerce is growing at a phenomenal rate. On average, 71 percent of consumers express at least some frustration when shopping is impersonal. Because ...
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The Secondary Phone Repair Economy
The phone repair revolution is happening around us. The lifecycle of our phones is steadily increasing. With the rise in phone prices, less tempting n...
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How Telemedicine is Changing Nursing Homes
As we are all aware, nursing homes suffered a great deal during the height of the pandemic, and even long after many things were getting back to norma...
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How to Give Yourself a Free College Education Online
Important as education is for the modern workforce, the formal system that provides and certifies educational attainment is broken. Costs have gotten ...
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STIR/SHAKEN: The Fight for the Future of Phone Calls
When phone calls were first introduced, it was a wonderful way to erase physical distance from a conversation. Nowadays, a minority of phone calls fea...
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Why Modernizing Banking is Important to Real Estate Lending
Tech can be a major boon in bringing agility to an evolving market. Unfortunately, not every market is taking full advantage of current technology. Mo...
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A Look at Advancing Digital Health Trends
Throughout the pandemic, we have seen the way that digital health trends has taken an active role in bettering our society.  It has kept us connected...
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Investing in Africa: The New Land of Opportunity
Did you know that, as recently as 2019, the top five fastest growing economies in the world were in Africa?  It may be surprising, but it’s true th...
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The Bitcoin Bull Run: How We Got Here
In 2009, Bitcoin began its story as a diamond in the rough.  Twelve years later in mid-February, there has been a Bitcoin bull run. Bitcoin hit an al...
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Changing Company Culture for the Better
Mastering the art and science of business culture can lend itself to great success.  What is company culture?  It is the concept that includ...
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A Look at the Future of Networking
The COVID pandemic of 2020 brought many drastic and sudden changes in the way we do a multitude of things; not the least of which is the way we do bus...
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Eminent Domain: Knowing Your Rights
Eminent Domain, or the governmental power to seize property without the owner’s consent, has been used throughout America for centuries.  While man...
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Knowing the Signs of Home Title Fraud
Whether it is a sports game, board game, or just in the game of life, nobody likes to feel like a loser. Over 160 million dollars were lost from Ameri...
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Healthcare Messaging and the Future of Care
Technology has literally transformed the way we talk to people. Even you, as you read the words that the author has typed, are reading words that have...
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How the Nursing Home Industry Can Recover Through Cleanliness
2020 will be remembered as one of the worst years for the nursing home industry. Of the 500,000+ coronavirus deaths in the United States, over a third...
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Using a Business Name Generator to Name Your Business
What do Subway, the WWE, and Twitter all have in common? They’ve all changed their business name. In 1968, Subway was known as Pete’s Super Submar...
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