Cloud Computing Could Eliminate 1 Billion Metric Tons of CO2 Emissions by 2024

International Data Corporation (IDC) has published new research that indicates cloud computing could eliminate 1 billion metric tons of CO2 emissions by 2024.

Oracle Unveils Roving Edge Devices to Bring Hybrid Cloud to the Edge

Oracle has unveiled its Roving Edge Devices (REDs) to help customers bring the power of the cloud to the edge.

Pandemic Has Driven Digital Transformation Into Every Corner of the Enterprise

The pandemic has driven digital transformation into every corner of the enterprise to allow businesses to adapt and continue operating as usual says Steve White, program vice president, channels and alliances, IDC.

IBM, ServiceNow In New AI Partnership

The solution raises up deep AI‑driven insights from their data and then recommends actions for IT organizations to take that help them prevent and fix IT issues at scale.

Verizon Future-Proofs Network With Quantum Key Distribution

Verizon has become the first wireless carrier to pilot the use of quantum key distribution (QKD) to help secure its network.

Coronavirus: IDC Forecasts IT Spending Will Take a Hit

International Data Corporation (IDC) is projecting the coronavirus outbreak will have a significant impact on IT spending during 2020.

Google Cloud Buys Cloud Migration Firm Cornerstone Technology

Google Cloud has acquired Cornerstone Technology, a firm that helps companies migrate from mainframes to the cloud.

Apple Widened Its Tablet Lead in 2019

IDC’s year-end report on the tablet market shows good news for Apple and, to a lesser extent, Amazon—and bad news for pretty much everyone else. According to IDC’s research, Apple widened its market share lead over the course of 2019,…

Big Surprise: iOS And Android Continue To Dominate

In the smartphone wars, there can be only two – iOS and Android. While alternatives like Windows Phone and Firefox OS are making some decent headway in emerging markets, Apple’s and Google’s mobile operating systems still rule the roost. In…

Android Almost Reaches 80 Percent Global Market Share In Q2

Android has been rather aggressive as of late in capturing smartphone market share that was previously held by Apple. It was a while ago that Android had surpassed iOS in global market share, but now it looks like it’s an…