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Tag: Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s Introduces Ice Cream-Filled Burrito with Apple Ad Parody
On April 20, a holiday for people who like appetite enhancers, Ben & Jerry’s is debuting an ice cream-filled burrito in its scoop shops. So...
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Former Groupon CEO Eats Ice Cream Alone In San Francisco
Groupon founder and former CEO Andrew Mason (arguably one of the most entertaining CEOs of our time) gave us an update about what he’s been up t...
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Viagra Ice Cream: Sexy Treat With Champagne Flavor
Some of us just aren’t that exciting when it comes to our preferred ice cream flavors. Persons typically stick to a couple of scoops of vanilla ...
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Yuengling Ice Cream is Returning to Store Shelves
After a 28-year break, the Pennsylvania-based Yuengling Ice Cream is making a comeback. Better remembered by its similar name to Yuengling Beer, the p...
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Yuengling Ice Cream Makes A Comeback, Returning To Stores After 28 Years
Yuengling will be hitting the shelves in a new way next month for the first time in a long time. The sweet treat of Yuengling ice cream was created in...
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Ben & Jerry’s Honors Ron Burgundy with New Scotchy Scotch Scotch Flavor
Here’s something you may have missed on Twitter. Ben & Jerry’s just unveiled their newest ice cream flavor – and it’s an ...
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Ben & Jerry’s to go 100% Non-GMO Ingredients in 2013
Ben & Jerry’s has always been a progressive company. In addition to, until recently, heavily limiting executive pay, and publicly supportin...
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Carl’s Jr. Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich Is Now A Reality
Carl’s Jr. has a Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich. Yep. At least one restaurant in Newport Beach, California has them, though it is not on the Carls....
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Ben & Jerry’s Cannoli Ice Cream Limited Batch Released
Ben & Jerry’s, the creators of popular ice cream concoctions such as Cherry Garcia and Americone Dream, announced this week that their newe...
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Good Humor Shortage Causes Summertime Woes
The Good Humor shortage couldn’t have come at a worse time. As temperatures skyrocket across the Northeast, Americans are turning to such season...
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9 Rejected Ben and Jerry’s Flavors
Ben and Jerry’s has always been known for some wacky flavors. Wacky but delicious. These didn’t make it. (image) Can’t believe this ...
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Ben & Jerry’s Using Tweets to Hand Out Sweets
If you live in Los Angeles or Washington D.C. and have a sweet tooth, you are in luck. Ben & Jerry’s, makers of those ridiculous (and ridic...
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Rumor: Android “Ice Cream” To Launch This Summer
The version of Android that'll come after the one codenamed "Honeycomb" is on the way, according to a new report, and should land this su...
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