Ben & Jerry's Introduces Ice Cream-Filled Burrito with Apple Ad Parody

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On April 20, a holiday for people who like appetite enhancers, Ben & Jerry's is debuting an ice cream-filled burrito in its scoop shops.

Sorry, I meant "BRRR-ito",

"We’re always on the hunt for new ways to eat our ice cream. What better way than wrapped in a BRRR-ito?!? Your two favorite flavors, topped with a fudge drizzle and cookie crumbs, all wrapped up in a soft and chewy waffle wrap. It’s how we roll! Coming April 20th to Ben & Jerry's scoop shops!" says the company.

And to promote this creation, with which I have no problem, Ben & Jerry's have created an ad that parodies one of the most famous ads of all time.

Your regular ice cream sandwich sucks, bruh. You need to be freed from the groupthink.

Looks familiar, right?

Once again, I have absolutely no issues with Ben & Jerry's stuffing ice cream inside a waffle burrito and shoving it in stoners' faces. Absolutely no problem with this.

Image via Ben & Jerry's

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