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Tag: Hitler

Louis C.K. Urges Fans Not to Vote for Donald Trump
Louis C.K. emailed his followers on Saturday morning, urging them not to vote for Donald Trump. Louis C.K. sends out an epic email obliterating the ca...
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Rick Santorum: My Grandfather Was a Democrat, Knew Hitler
Rick Santorum almost didn’t make it to America to run for President. In fact, were it not for a technicality, his family would’ve been tur...
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Apple Is Literally Hitler, Says Chinese CEO
It’s not uncommon to hear someone lash out at Apple for being restrictive, but this takes it to a whole other level. Chinese streaming platform ...
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Hitler Beauty Pageant in Russia Gets Shut Down
In a move that is at least as historically confused as Kirk Cameron’s Halloween revisionism, Russian women were queuing up to compete in what has be...
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Eva Braun, Hitler’s Sex Life Examined In New Book
Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler are two names that are infamous in world history, but surprisingly little is known about their private life. In an era when...
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Chelsea Handler Receives Backlash For Hitler Parody
Chelsea Handler is no stranger to controversy. However, it seems like her latest parody on her late night talk show Chelsea Lately, may have crossed t...
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Billboard Hitler Quote Leads to Apology
In a blatant case of being completely out of touch, an Alabama Christian organization was forced to apologize this week for a billboard displaying a q...
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Treblinka Camp Secrets: More Proof That The Nazis Were Monsters
Forensic archeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls has been granted unprecedented access to excavate one of history’s greatest crime scenes: HitlerR...
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Hilary Clinton Backs Up Putin-Hitler Comparison
Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton drew fire from many recently for her statements equating Russian leader Vladimir Putin and his country’...
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Hitler’s Mein Kampf Sells For $64,850 At Auction
Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf is by no means an easy or lighthearted read, but it is an educational one and something many historians are intereste...
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Mein Kampf Copies Signed By Hitler To Be Auctioned
Now that the Christmas shopping season is over, most people don’t have to constantly worry about getting a gift for that certain someone who jus...
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Google Maps Renames Street After Adolf Hitler
Google Maps reportedly renamed Berlin street Theodor Heuss Platz “Adolf Hitler Platz” in an apparently brief blunder, which wasn’t b...
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Tila Tequila: “Hitler Was A Good Man”, History Lies
Take what you will from Tila Tequila – a former car model, MySpace celebrity, and reality TV show host. She’s made a video and blog post expos...
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Hitler Bodyguard Dies At The Age Of 96
Hitler’s bodyguard and last surviving witness to the Nazi leader’s final days hidden away in a bunker, Rochus Misch, died on Thursday at t...
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Hitler Bell Brings Criticism To Austrian Government
Wolfpassing, Austria is a sleepy, historic town that lies about sixty miles east of Vienna. At first glance, the place is beautiful, but not worth muc...
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Thailand Hitler Banner: Superhero Depiction Prompts Apology
Thailand has come under fire this week after photos of a superhero banner depicting Adolf Hitler went viral, causing backlash. Students at Chulalongko...
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Hitler Is Talking About The Google Panda Update Again
There’s a new Hitler Panda update video out. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Hitler address the subject of Google’s contr...
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Does J.C. Penny’s Billboard Look Like Hitler?
A J.C. Penny billboard appearing in California has been raising some eyebrows for the apparent similarity to one history’s most infamous charact...
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JCPenney Insists This Tea Kettle That Looks Like Hitler Was Not Intentional
JCPenney is currently going through a transition phase as it works to win back the customers it lost under its former CEO. Now the company is dealing ...
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Praying Hitler Statue Is Proving Controversial
A praying Hitler statue was recently set up as an art exhibit in a Warsaw ghetto where many Jews were killed at the hands of the Nazis. As expected, t...
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