Apple Launches 5G iPhone 12

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced today the launch of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro with 5G.

Verizon Buys TracFone For $7 Billion

Verizon has announced that it is buying TracFone, the country’s largest prepaid wireless reseller, for $7 billion in cash and stock. Over 13 million TracFone subscribers currently use the Verizon cell network via a reseller deal.

Verizon CEO: We Are Building A Transformative 5G

What’s important is that we are building a transformative 5G says Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg. It will have the ultra-wideband that nobody else has with the highest speeds in the world on 5G. Then we are going to have 5G nationwide in the second half.

Verizon Tries to Temper 5G Expectations

Verizon is downplaying 5G, when compared to 4G, saying customers will only see “some improvements” initially.

Verizon CEO: 5G and Cloud Computing Combination ‘Is So Transformative’

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg talked about Verizon’s recent cloud partnership with Amazon, as well as the transformative effects 5G will bring, especially when paired with cloud computing. On Cloud Computer Partnership With Amazon “It…

Verizon CEO Hopes There Is No 5G Cold War Between U.S. and China

“I hope not, because one of the beauties of this industry is that we’ve done standardization, which means that you can bring your phone from whichever country you’re in and go to another country and it works.” Verizon Chairman &…

50 Percent of US Will Have 5G Capability In 2020, Says Verizon CEO

“I think we will have (functional phones running on 5G in 50% of the country) by next year,” says Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg. “It is a functionality called DSS, dynamic spectrum sharing, where basically it’s agnostic to what type of phone you have. I think that it’s going to be next year.”

Verizon Reports Strong Third Quarter, Beating Analysts’ Estimates

Verizon Communications, Inc. reported a strong Q3 2019 driven by solid gains in wireless customers. The telecommunications provider reported the “most third-quarter phone gross additions in five years.” In particular, Verizon saw significant growth in postpaid phone subscribers, the most…

We Plan to Have 30 5G Cities By Year-End, Says Verizon CEO

We have a plan to have 30 5G cities by year-end, says Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg. We are at 13 right now so we’re adding every week. We added New York last week. We have also updated 13 NFL stadiums with 5G and the NBA season hasn’t even started. We believe that our 5G for the consumer is just crushing it.

Verizon is First in the World to Turn on 5G – Launches in 2 Cities – Starts Selling Moto 5G Phone, Says CEO

“It’s a great day for us to be first in the world with 5G smartphones and turning on the network,” says Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg. “We decided to turn it on today (8 days early). We are selling the Moto 5G phone and you can have a fantastic experience with the Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband network in Minneapolis and Chicago right now.