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Tag: Hacked

Dropbox: We Were Not Hacked
According to reports, hundreds of Dropbox usernames and passwords were leaked online as a preview to a larger alleged leak of 7 million accounts. As T...
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Skype Blog Hacked To Tell People Not To Use Microsoft Email
Microsoft’s Skype had its Twitter account, Facebook page and blog compromised on Wednesday, with the Syrian Electronic Army taking control of al...
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Target Discount Offered After Major Security Breach
After that big breach – the theft of credit and debit card data from more than 40 million of its customers,Target is scrambling to find a way to...
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Miss Teen USA Victim of Cyber-Crime
What would you do if someone sent you an e-mail threatening to release pictures that they stole, off of your computer, to the media if you didn’...
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Chipotle’s Twitter Account Hacked By Someone Looking For Avocados
In the wake of all of these hacked Twitter accounts, it’s hard not to wonder what kind of weak passwords these social media managers are using. ...
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LinkedIn Blog Attacked by Syrian Hackers
[UPDATE] The blog is back up. [ORIGINAL] On the same day that LinkedIn has launched its new iPad app, the announcement of the app on the LinkedIn blog...
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Gaming News Site ‘Gamasutra’ Hacked?
Go the the Gaming site, Gamasutra and you will get the above warning from Google Chrome. A similar warning will appear on Safari, blocking access to t...
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Justin Bieber’s Twitter Account Hacked
Canadian Pop icon Justin Bieber had his Twitter account hacked into yesterday. The hacker unfollowed people and blocked some of Bieber’s followe...
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Security Cameras From TRENDnet Hacked
If you have a TRENDnet security camera in your home, listen up. A coding flaw found in some of the cameras allows someone to bypass your password and ...
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Satellite Phones Hacked! – Eavesdropping On James Bond
Researchers at a university in Germany have used open-source software to crack the encryption key for satellite telephones in about an hour. The team ...
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pcAnywhere Compromised: Disable Immediately!
On January 4, Anonymous tweeted that an Indian hacker group had posted Symantec source code to Pastebin. Symantec Norton Antivirus source code publish...
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LulzSec Versus TeaMp0isoN: When Hackers Attack Hackers
Not everyone in the hacker community smiles upon the shenanigans of LulzSec, the hacker group du-jour of the moment. Seriously, just check out Google ...
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Sony Promises Full Return of PlayStation Network by End of Week
It’s been a long, hard road for Sony and its Playstation Network, but finally, the light at the end of the tunnel might actually become an attai...
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