Target Discount Offered After Major Security Breach

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After that big breach - the theft of credit and debit card data from more than 40 million of its customers,Target is scrambling to find a way to keep its customers coming back.

Hackers obtained the credit and debit card numbers of millions of Target customers over the course of 19 days, beginning the day before Thanksgiving, according to Reuters. If you are wondering whether your information has been compromised, the retailer says to call 866-852-8680.

Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel issued an apology on the company’s website Friday to the 40 million, more or less, customers affected by one of the largest credit-card breaches ever to hit a U.S. retailer. His apology went like this:

"We take this crime seriously. It was a crime against Target, our team members, and most importantly, our guests. We’re in this together, and in that spirit, we are extending a 10% discount – the same amount our team members receive – to guests who shop in U.S. stores on Dec. 21 and 22. Again, we recognize this issue has been confusing and disruptive during an already busy holiday season. We want to emphasize that the issue has been addressed and let guests know they can shop with confidence at their local Target stores."

In yet another statement - Steinhafal made many he apologized, acknowledging that consumers trying to get information from the retailer’s website or telephone hotline were having trouble getting through.

On the company’s Facebook page, people made their frustrations known. “As long as I’m on hold, I’ll promote Walmart,” one person wrote.

Steinhafel tried to reassure customers that the company would offer not only discounts but also credit monitoring for all affected.

So, not only have customers undoubtedly lost credit and debit card information to the cyber thieves, they cannot seem to get through to the company via their website or the phones - imagine 40 million people freaking out all at once. Could clog up some phone and internet lines.

At least the CEO is showing concern for something he had no power to prevent. And credit goes out from experts to Target for catching this problem extremely early.

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