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If It’s a Streaming War We’d Like To Be an Arms Dealer, Says IAC CEO
“If it's a streaming war we'd like to be an arms dealer,” says IAC CEO Joey Levin. “We want to send the product and services to people who are m...
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VMware Is Now a Platform For Digital Transformation, Says CEO
“We believe that our conversations now have gone from targeted to holistic to be this platform for their digital transformation,” says VMware CEO ...
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We Are Simply a Pawn of The Internet Business Model: Data Collection
We all should realize that everything we do is recorded into huge data sets in order for advertisers to target us better, for online stores to sell us...
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Government Can Speed Up Implementation of IoT Technology
Government around the world play a key role in whether IoT becomes a mainstream technology sooner rather than later according to Cisco IoT expert Maci...
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There Has Never Been a Moment Like This: Driverless Vehicles Recognized by US
Driverless vehicles have the ability to literally change the world by making driving safer, more energy efficient, more accessible, and many will be h...
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Google Updates Transparency Report, Enables Search of Removal Requests
Google released today an updated Transparency Report on their copyright removal requests from Google search results. These requests come from copyrigh...
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How Companies Can Solve the China Puzzle
Amy Karam, author of the book, The China Factor:Strategies to Compete, Grow and Win in the New Global Economy, recently was interviewed at Google̵...
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YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Agree To Censor EU “Hate Speech”
In a disturbing agreement from the perspective of free speech advocates Tuesday, the European Commission and U.S. based social media companies Faceboo...
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Twitter Says Government Data Requests Way Up
Twitter’s new transparency report is out, and the trend continues. Government requests for user data and content removal are on the rise. “...
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What Does the New Online Poker Bill Mean for US Poker Players?
This post is brought to you by James Moore To outsiders, the long and slow progress of online gambling regulation in the USA must seem difficult to un...
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Should Google Be Slapped With Antitrust Action?
After a five-year long investigation, the European Commissioned announced it has sent a Statement of Objections to Google alleging it has abused its d...
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FTC: Controversial Wall Street Journal Google Article ‘Misleading’
On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal published an inflammatory report under the title “Google Makes Most of Close Ties to White House,” w...
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FCC Net Neutrality Rules Released, Blasted By Commissioners
The Federal Communications Commission has released its new net neutrality rules after announcing them two weeks ago. The rules followed a call from Pr...
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Did The FCC Get Net Neutrality Right?
As you may have heard, the FCC announced that it has set rules on net neutrality and an open Internet, which it says “will protect free expressi...
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Interactive Advertising Bureau Weighs In On Obama Proposals
During Tuesday’s State of the Union Address, President Obama briefly touched on some proposals that may have an impact on the digital advertisin...
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Yelp Gets A Lot Of Critical Data On Restaurants
This was announced last week, but it kind of flew under the radar. Yelp has formed an open data partnership with Socrata to distribute restaurant insp...
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Google Slams MPAA For Trying To Resurrect SOPA, Censor The Internet
Google says it’s “deeply concerned” about reports that the MPAA has been secretly leading a campaign to revive SOPA (the Stop Online...
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Should Google News Be Shut Down In Spain?
Publishers aren’t fond of the idea of not having Google News to send them traffic, it would seem. Who knew? Last week, Google announced it would...
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‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Dangerous, According To Web’s Inventor
A lot of people (especially those not trying to hide information about themselves) agree that the Right to Be Forgotten in Europe is problematic for a...
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Alabama Bill To Be Named After Tim Cook
In October, Tim Cook penned a piece for Bloomberg Buisnessweek in which he publicly came out as gay. Now, it appears that an anti-discrimination bill ...
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