Google Translator Toolkit Makes App Localization Easier

In my line of work and as an Asian Studies minor, I come upon a lot of Japanese and Chinese Web sites. Even though I took three years of Japanese, I still rely on the all might Google Translate to…

Google Adds Labels to Translator Toolkit

If you do a lot of online translation and editing, you’re probably familiar with Google’s Translator Toolkit, which provides users with more control over document translation and editing. Supported by Google Translate and with a front-end quite similar to Gmail…

Google Adds Chat to Translator Kit

Google announced today that it has released chat in the Google Translator Toolkit.

"Collaboration is an important part of translation," says Kartik Singh, Software Engineer for the Translator Toolkit. "Whether you work with editors to translate documents, customers to clarify terms or project managers to meet deadlines, working with other translators is key to making high-quality translations."