Google’s Pinterest-Like Image Search Hits Desktop

At the end of November, Google debuted a new Image Search feature that seemed to suggest the company is trying to turn image search into more of a Pinterest-like offering. You can star and bookmark images from the search from…

Is Google Trying To Turn Image Search Into Pinterest?

Google announced the you can now star and bookmark images on Google image search from your mobile browser. You can also keep them organized by folders. From the sound of it, you can basically start using Google Image Search like…

Is Google’s New Image Search Increasing Or Decreasing Your Traffic?

Last week, Google announced a new design for its Image Search. It’s been rolling out, so maybe you have it by now. One thing that was interesting about this particular launch is that Google made a major point of talking…

World’s Most Abstract Visual Dictionary Defines Words By Their Top Google Image Result

The idea of a visual dictionary isn’t new. Hell, I can still remember exactly how my first dictionary looked, felt, and even smelled. It was a kid’s dictionary and contained a lot of pictures – enough to help a young,…

Google Adding Improvement To Related Image Searches

Google is bringing an improvement to their image search function. Spoiler: It’s a really good improvement. Peter Linsley, product manager for Google, detailed today on the official

Perfect 10 Fails Where Google Succeeds, a site that features incredibly attractive female models in various positions of nude repose has been long after Google because of the site’s content appearing in Google Image Searches. Their struggle has been going on for sometime now. In…

Webmasters Complain About New Google Image Search

It’s very rare that a major website launches any kind of redesign without any complaints from users. Google is no stranger to this itself, and it should come as no surprise that this week’s launch of the new Google Image Search has come with its own share of complaints (although I’d be surprised if the complaints outweighed the positive opinions).

Google Indexes Over 10 Billion Images

Google launched a new version of its image search today (as well as a new ad format) and in the announcement, Google dropped a few interesting stats about its image search growth.

Google Image Search first came out in 2001. Back then, Google says it indexed around 250 million images. By 2005, the company says it indexed over a billion. As of today, it’s over 10 billion.

Google Gives Mobile Users a Link to Popular Images

Google has introduced a new feature for its mobile Image Search offering. The feature is "Popular Images," and lets Android and iPhone users browse popular images (go figure).

The Popular Images feature comes in the form of a link just under the search box on the Google Image Search page. When clicked, it brings up a categorized list of image searches and corresponding images.