Google Adding Improvement To Related Image Searches

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Google is bringing an improvement to their image search function. Spoiler: It’s a really good improvement.

Peter Linsley, product manager for Google, detailed today on the official Google+Blog%29">Google blog the change coming to image search over the next few weeks.

Linsley reminds everybody about the related search links in blue that dot the top of every image search. If you were too busy trying to find that one hilarious picture of a cat, you may have missed them. Incidentally, they may have helped you find that lolcat faster as the point is to refine your search results with other commonly searched terms.

When clicking on the related search links before, you were stuck not knowing what images may pop up until you reach the next page. The improvement makes that little problem a thing of the past. Whenever you hover your mouse over one of the related search links, a small panel will pop up showing the first few image results from that search.

Linsley uses the example of searching for Greece and then hovering over the related search for Santorini, Greece. This will allow any would be tourists to confirm if that is the search they want without having to go to the actual page.


The improvement should really quicken the pace whenever you’re looking for funny pictures of cats. I know that typing in “lolcats” doesn’t always give you what you may want. With this new feature, it should make it easier to find the very specific “lolcats computer” pictures.

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