Ecommerce Exploded When Everybody Got Their Stimulus Checks

Ecommerce exploded when everybody got their stimulus checks, says marketing superstar Gary Vaynerchuk. It reminded me how much of a materialistic capitalistic country we are.

GaryVee: Everybody’s So Over-Leveraged They Don’t Have Businesses

Gary Vaynerchuk says that startups are so over-leveraged that they don’t really have businesses, they have VC arbitrage machines for the next fundraising. He suggests to young VC funded entrepreneurs that they should realize this and actually build a business focused on profit, not just appeasing VC’s who have no vested interest in the business.

GaryVee: Yes Beats No and Positivity Always Beats Anger

Entrepreneur and marketing genius Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee) produced a short video on how positivity and truth and saying yes lead to success. “People don’t get it,” he said. “When you’re positive, when you’re happy, it’s not fluffy bullshit.