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Tag: Financials

Meg Whitman Confident Despite HP Stagnation
HP this week released its fourth quarter 2014 and fiscal 2014 full-year financial results. The company reported quarterly revenue of $28.4 billion, do...
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Rite Aid Stock Down on Poor Earnings Update
Stock in Rite Aid Corporation is tumbling today following a dismal earnings update by the company. On Thursday Rite Aid released sales results for May...
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BlackBerry Announces $4.4 Billion Third-Quarter Loss
BlackBerry today released its third quarter financial report and the results are about as dire as everyone expected. BlackBerry is reporting a $4.4 bi...
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Sprint Losses Drop, But So Do Subscribers
Sprint, the third largest wireless carrier in the U.S., today released its first quarter 2013 financial results. The report shows that the companyR...
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LinkedIn Nails its Fourth Quarter, Yearly Earnings
If there’s one thing LinkedIn is, it’s consistent. The company has slowly built its brand and membership numbers in the crowded social med...
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Netflix Added 2 Million Streaming Subscribers Over the Holidays
Though the competition to provide robust streaming services is heating up with the growth of Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and the new Redbox...
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HTC Profit Tanked in the 3rd Quarter of 2012
Today the Wall Street Journal reported that HTC’s most recent quarterly profits are down 79% from last year. The company reported a third-quarte...
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You Were Worth a Lot More to Facebook in 2007 When It Was More Private
So much of what gets said about Facebook these days revolves around what the company is worth, what Mark Zuckerberg is worth, what other Facebookers a...
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Internet Ad Revenue Pops Q1 Record with $8.4 Billion
The 2012 fiscal year is off to a good start for internet advertising as the first quarter welcomed a record-breaking $8.4 billion in revenue, more tha...
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AOL’s Patch Set New Traffic, Revenue Record in May
Despite a damaging report last month from a group of disgruntled investors that said AOL’s Patch was not a “viable business,” the se...
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Nasdaq Hopes to Appease Facebook Investors with Modest Compensation
The Nasdaq OMX Group hopes to make up for that small-but-disastrous glitch on the day of Facebook’s initial public offering by compensating affe...
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Nasdaq’s Fallout from the Fubar Facebook IPO
Given that everyone was so excited and looking to the future with Facebook’s initial public offering on Friday, there has been a surprising abse...
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GM’s Pulling of Ads from Facebook Wasn’t Personal After All
Told ya! Following a Reuters report earlier today that revealed Facebook had actually encouraged General Motors to utilize the website’s free pa...
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Facebook Could Only Tease the Public for So Long
As I write this, Facebook is 2:01 from launching its most important update in the history of the company: becoming a public company and being traded o...
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Facebook’s IPO Follows Other Tech Companies’ IPO
With Facebook’s IPO maaayy finally happen next week, buzz abounds that this will most likely be the tech industry’s biggest IPO to date. S...
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LinkedIn Q1 2012 Financial Results Shred Analyst Expectations [UPDATED]
LinkedIn released its financial results its Q1 2012 results this afternoon and things are looking good for the premier network for professionals. The ...
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Twitter Ascends, Facebook Falters in Social Transactions
A new financial report on the financial climate inside the social media world has been released and with Facebook’s IPO on the horizon, the news...
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Yahoo/Bing’s Q1 2012 Financial Reports
It’s been three years since Bing started powering all searches through Yahoo! and the fruits of that partnership are beginning to ripen with suc...
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Apple Shares Soar To Another Record: $582 Per Share
So much for that mild trepidation of traders following last week’s New iPad announcement. Not only has Apple’s stock juggernautted to new ...
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Apple Shares Struggle After New iPad Announced
Were you disappointed by the lack of flashy name for Apple’s new iPad, the New iPad? If so, you weren’t the only one as investors seemed s...
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