iOS Gmail App Now Work With Files

Google has announced that its iOS Gmail app has (finally) added the ability to include attachments from the iOS Files app.

Dropbox Adds File Requests For Collecting Files From Groups

Dropbox announced a new feature for file requests so users can more easily collect files of any size from groups on any platform regardless of device. “Existing solutions to collect files – email, text messaging, social media, FTP servers, or…

Dropbox Finally Lets You Comment on Shared Files

It just got easier to collaborate on your shared Dropbox files. The company has just enabled comments on shared files – a feature you’ve probably used plenty of times inside Google Drive. “Whether you’re collaborating on a business proposal or…

Google Docs Gets New File Conversion Feature

Google has announced a new file conversion feature in Google Docs that lets you convert files that are already uploaded to your document list into a Google Docs format, as opposed to only being able to do so upon upload.

For example, you can convert PDFs to text using Google’s Optical Character Recogniton technology. Files that can be converted include: