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Tag: fail

Blue Jeans And Skin Spikes: Bad Ads’ Photoshop Fails
A facepalm worthy Photoshop job is one thing. But when a recent Target ad ruffled feathers with a half-assed editing job on model’s bikini clad ...
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Florida Kid Sent a Bomb Threat to His School via Facebook Message
Florida man kid strikes again! The first rule of anonymous bomb threats is that they are anonymous. Interestingly enough, that’s also the first ...
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Adding Street Fighter’s Chun-Li To Fail Compilation Videos Wins
If ever anything was meant to be collected and presented in a compilation video, it’s people failing on a day-to-day basis. I mean, is it right ...
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Here’s 18 Minutes of 2013’s Best YouTube Fails
2013 is a little more than halfway over, and that means that idiots have had over 6 months to fail, record themselves failing, and post their videos o...
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This Unsuccessful Burglar Is the Best at Being the Worst
In Redding, California, there is currently a 5′ 11”, 350-pound man still at large who may have just committed one of funniest attempted bu...
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NASA Report Explains Satellite Launch Failure
NASA this week released an eight-page report detailing all its engineers have learned about a failed satellite launch that took place on March 4, 2011...
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Airball Three Shots in Less Than a Minute, Then You Can Say You Had a Bad Day at Work
I know you hate you job, but at least you’re probably doing it better than Mirza Teletović did his on Wednesday night. The Bosnian Brooklyn Net...
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Luke Bryan Doesn’t Know the National Anthem, Issues Apology
Luke Bryan, the country music singer who began his career by penning tunes for the likes of Travis Tritt and many others, recently performed the Natio...
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Everyone At The San Diego Fireworks Fiasco Probably Thought They Were Witnessing The End Times [VIDEO]
It’s been a week since the entire country got to see the city of San Diego fail in spectacular fashion when they accidentally launched 15 minute...
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Science Girl Ad: If You Want to Be Smart, You’d Better Work It
Here’s a tip, science girl ad masterminds: If you want to attract more women to the field, the last thing you probably want to do is play into g...
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Microsoft Surface Crashes Mid-Debut
It’s hard being Microsoft. Windows has had the stigma of software crashes associated with it for over nearly two decades now, and its blue scree...
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Birthday Fail: Knocked Out Cold [Viral Video]
Megan’s friends gathered around to wish her a happy birthday. They sang the song. She blew out the candles. Then…...
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Video Game Thieves Butt-Dial 911, Discuss Crime For An Hour
If you know anything about me, you know that I love stupid criminals. Sometimes, people are such perfect idiots that the stories write themselves. The...
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Drunken Congressional Staffers Use Twitter To Detail Office Party, Bash Boss
Although it’s no David Vitter visiting a prostitute or Anthony Weiner exposing himself to everyone on the internet, it’s still a political...
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NBC News Twitter Gets Hacked, Spreads False Terrorist Attack Information
With the significance of the weekend quickly building into its emotional crescendo, people are sensitive to any mention of an attack on the United Sta...
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Marc Tyler Experiences The Strength of Social Media
Evidently, there should be a rule for all athletes in the public eye — hell, even for those who aren’t — that social media is not yo...
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Philly Inquirer Confuses Atlantis With Challenger on Twitter
Earlier today space shuttle Atlantis launched into space, which marked the end to NASA’s 30-year space program. As with anything else, people fl...
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Harold Camping: Rapture Rescheduled for October 21, Twitter Laughs On
The “flabbergasted” biblical numerologist Harold Camping has emerged from seclusion and addressed the world about the still impending rapt...
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News FAIL: Obama Mixed Up With Osama
Late night reporting has to be exhausting, and with all the scrambling around to come up with the breaking Bin Laden news on Sunday, people were bound...
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