Facial Recognition: Cool or Creepy?

Remember all the technology in movies such as Minority Report? At the time, it seemed so bizarre and futuristic, but some of it is beginning to seep into society. I’m talking about the phenomenon of facial recognition.

Face.com Aims To Make Fake IDs Useless With Age Detection in API

Face.com is adding age detection to its API. This news was delivered to us in an email with the subject, “Fake ID’s useless thanks to Face.com (college Freshmen mourn).” “Yep, no more lying about your age,” a spokesperson tells us.…

Google Acquires PittPatt for Facial Recognition

Google has acquired PittPatt, and no that’s not Globochem’s Pit-Pat. It’s Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition, a research company working on facial recognition technology. A message on PittPatt’s website reads: We are happy to announce that Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition has been acquired…

Facebook/Face.com Rumors Surface

TechCrunch is pointing to a couple of Israeli articles from TheMarker, which are written in hebrew, claiming that Face.com turned down an acquisition offer from Facebook, and that the company is already powering facial recognition in Facebook’s own  Photos feature. 

Both of these things are rumors, but interesting ones. Face.com isn’t talking about it one way or another (which means they aren’t exactly denying it or confirming it). 

Facebook To Roll Out Facial Recognition Feature

Facebook long ago passed Flickr to become the world’s largest photo-sharing site, and thanks to an impending upgrade, its lead may soon increase.  Facebook announced late yesterday that it’s developed facial recognition software to help users tag photos.

Rumors Have Apple Acquiring Polar Rose

9to5Mac is pointing to a Norwegian Mac site called Mac1, which claims that Apple has bought all of the shares of Polar Rose, a facial recognition company based out of Sweden. The news is unconfirmed, at this point. 9to5Mac provides this Google Tranlsated excerpt:

Facebook Photo Tagging Goes Web-wide

Face.com, the developers of the facial recognition technology behind Facebook apps like Photo Tagger and Photo Finder announced that it is opening up its API, which will allow developers to take advantage of this technology anywhere on the web. We had a chat with Face.com founder Gil Hirsch, who talked about the technology, the API, Facebook’s Open Graph, and what kind of apps we can expect to see around this API.