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Facebook Cancels F8 Developer Conference Over Coronavirus
Facebook is the latest organization to cancel a major conference as a result of the coronavirus, cancelling this year’s F8....
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WPN Today: Facebook Adds Analytics Tools to Increase Conversions for Business
Facebook has launched new tools in their analytics suite to help businesses using their platform to better convert visitors into customers or subscrib...
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Facebook Explains How News Feed Works in This Talk From F8 [Video]
Facebook has been sharing some videos of discussions from last week’s F8 developer conference. You can find a handful of them on the Facebook fo...
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Facebook Account Kit Lets You Give Your Users More Login Options
Among its many announcements at F8 on Tuesday was Facebook’s Account Kit, which it says will help developers grow their apps and websites by giv...
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Facebook Adds Features To Analytics for Apps [F8]
Last year at its F8 developer conference, Facebook launched Analytics for Apps. At today’s event, the company announced push notifications and d...
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Facebook Instant Articles Now Officially Open To All Publishers
Two months ago, Facebook announced that on April 12, it would open Instant Articles to all publishers. That day has arrived, and Facebook has made goo...
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Facebook Opens Live API To Let Developers Build Ability To Stream to FB Live From Any Device [F8]
At F8, Facebook announced that it is opening up the Live API, which will let developers build the ability to stream to Facebook Live from any device. ...
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Watch F8 Live Right Here Via Facebook’s Official Stream
Facebook’s F8 developer conference begins today in San Francisco, but you don’t have to be there to see the opening keynote from Mark Zuck...
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Facebook Announces Nearly 30 F8 Developer Meetups Around the World
Facebook announced 27 F8 meetups around the world to coincide with F8, its annual developer event, which will take place on April 12 and 13. These wil...
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Big Facebook News For Anyone Publishing Content
Facebook announced that on April 12, it will open Instant Articles to all publishers. This means that any publisher, regardless of size, will have thi...
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Facebook F8 2016 Conference Is Open For Registration
Facebook just announced that registration is now open for F8 2016. IT takes place in San Francisco on April 12 & 13. F8 2016 – Registration...
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Facebook F8 Conference Dates Announced
Facebook announced the dates of its next F8 developer event, which appears to be regularly held on an annual basis once again. If you’ll recall,...
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Facebook About To Force Big Login Change
At last year’s F8 developer conference, Facebook announced some changes that would give users more control over what info they choose to share w...
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Should You Use Facebook Comments On Your Site?
There are a variety of tools websites can use for user comments on blog posts and other content. Facebook has offered an option for years, and there h...
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What Businesses Will Be Able To Do With Facebook Messenger
Much of Facebook’s opening f8 keynote on Wednesday was about Facebook Messenger, which the company has now turned into a developer platform. The...
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Facebook Messenger Now A Platform, Provides Guidelines For Developers
Facebook just kicked off its annual f8 developer conference, announcing Messenger Platform and Businesses on Messenger. The former enables developers ...
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Facebook Finally Lets You Embed Facebook Videos
Facebook has just fixed something truly irksome. Starting now, you can embed Facebook videos on your website. But Josh, you could always do that! Wron...
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360-Degree Videos: Coming Soon to Your Facebook News Feed
Facebook’s annual f8 developers conference just kicked off, and in the keynote CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that spherical (360 degree) videos are c...
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Facebook Set To Have Biggest F8 To Date
Facebook announced on Tuesday that developers can now register for this year’s F8 developer conference, which will take place on March 25 and 26...
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Facebook Sets Date For F8, Expands It To 2 Days
Facebook announced the date for its next F8 developer conference. Not only that, but it has doubled the time it’s giving to devs, extending the ...
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